Blue sky road full of thorns Lu Ying Chen Shimei – the princess married the wrong Claro entertainmen denka

"Blue sky" road full of thorns Lu Ying Chen Shimei – the princess married the wrong Claro Sohu entertainment Lu Ying image according to Sohu entertainment news recently, which lasted four months to complete the legendary drama costume version of "blue sky" officially entered the post production stage, the play by the Beijing Chinese film world project, Li Dongxue, Zhang Mingming, Zhang Jianhai, Gao Junxian, Zhang Zhixi, Lu Ying and other star. The new version of "blue sky" in addition to the retention of the original classic drama and suspense, punish the unit of characteristics, added a lot of social reality elements, given the significance of the new era of drama. The young actor Lu Ying as the "Beauty Princess" in the play, because Chen Shimei profited by Bao Zheng cut, then his forged "butcher" enmity, bereavement vengance thorns, repeatedly deceived lifelong detention. The new version of "blue sky" as the story unfolds from the song Renzong years, Bao Zheng returned the upright and outspoken debriefing, in support of the public will corrupt Injong caught by the people praise, become the old famous legend ". This time, Li Dongxue’s Bao Zheng will not only bring more brain burn cases, will perform classic plot "shoot Chen Shimei again". As one of the important elements in the case of the princess Lu Ying Yurong, perfect interpretation of the descendants of royal families of beauty but a born beauty national beauty and heavenly fragrance, bright gorgeous life at night will be passed on to resentment as trassient as a fleeting cloud, beauty Bao Zheng, and launched a startling step by step the battle. Lu Ying drama, often have to face, after love and betrayal, conspiracy and fight, the beauty of the arrogant, willful, is Injong spoil the body, put away the princess with pride, thinking about how to punish criminal Bao Zheng. The beauty and passion naivete love to laugh, and the cold is suspicious yurong. Turning face to face is a big challenge for the actors. From the "soft Jiao Princess" in Yurong good to bereavement turned "revenge impartial" scheming daughter, two people a gentle haggard, Lu Ying will be the seamless handoff, fluent interpretation. Especially the late Yurong, sharp eyes, decisive character, and be used after wake up call people and love and pity. Referring to the role of the tragic fate, Lu Ying said: as an actor, I have the responsibility to give every character of fresh blood, will think of some good elements to the characters, such as some careful thinking Yurong small details and inner game expansion. Because childhood living environment is very superior to her, and to the love, so arrogant attitude is very headstrong, who do not obey their own, have to fight, and easy to be used, it should be said that this is a jumping character. In order to play this role, Lu Ying has done a lot of homework, the painstaking carved the tragic interpretation of the penetrating princess.相关的主题文章:

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