Biography of Fala Chen, a French diplomat who loves to fly to Europe

Fala Chen loves handsome French diplomat Fala Chen love flying Europe resort French diplomat Fala Chen exposes 18 year old little meat and then rejected the pursuit of entertainment Tencent 3 years ago with the Neway Prince Xue Shiheng Ye divorce, after the expiry of wireless, Fala Chen went to the mainland fishing gold to the United States after education in New York, enrolled in drama master Julia College school. God is back to Hong Kong by inviting China to do summer job, with 35 stage play "ex", the hugely popular, popularity rebound. However, there are reports that the school is proud of the cause of Fala Chen, even love is good. Have friends, Fala Chen and former French diplomat Emmanuel Straschnov in Japan metrosexual man fell in love, had been secretly dating for half a year. About the new Emmanuel, Harvard graduate, China love culture, in addition to speak fluent Mandarin, but also changed the Chinese name "Smano", and now engage in their own IT business, founded Bubble computer program, designed to teach people to establish their own web pages with app. Fala want to low-key love, her boyfriend to accompany the former Fala back to Hongkong to shoot commercials. Now with China the drama has ended, Fala is not anxious to fly back to New York, but to leave europe. The people in love each other, do not afraid of flying.相关的主题文章:

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