Between Tang and Hamlett, there is a kingdom of the prince 9c8947

Between Tang and Hamlett, separated by a kingdom Prince [Abstract] early researchers pointed out that the "journey to the west" in the kingdom of the prince of revenge story, and Europe’s "Hamlett" is very similar, and is likely to be homologous. Mr. Li Zhuowu criticized the "journey to the west" "Ye Zang Zang illustrations – night life can be regarded as everyone knows: father Chen Guangrui high school champion, married the premier daughter, Liu Hong got his way was knocked out the river boatman. Chen Guangrui’s wife Yin Wenjiao was pregnant in the body, have to let Liu Hong take false office, after the child abandoned Zhongpiao go into the river, is the Jinshan Temple elders adopted adult, the monk. Eighteen years later, the monk that life, official newspaper revenge, Chen Guangrui also was the year saved the Dragon resurrection, one family reunion magazine. The story in "journey to the west" in the title is "Chen Guangrui enters every disaster, the Revenge of the monk". Although the novel finally reviews Tang eighty-one difficult, difficult is the beginning of the four demotes (refers to Jin chanzi demotes), a tire, throwing River, Bao Yuan, but this time the story in many versions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are not. The monk story spread system should have its own, and this time the text carelessly, inconsistencies are inconsistent with the overall style of "journey to the west", later to be added to the novel. So in the last century in 50s, people’s Literature Publishing House in the collation of the "journey to the west", this is the eighth as an appendix to deal with. The monk is a story according to the story widely spread extremely similar motif, are short of Tang Dynasty "Qian Xun Zi" Wen April and the Song Dynasty "careful" in two but what folks say, the story of the protagonist in the incident have been born. Wen Xun Zi "in the" dry month "Chen Yilang": Tang Tianbao, Chen Yishuang, set out, invite friends to go to Maofang week, week in the river dangerous part of hammer die Chen, by appointment, take his wife, and a second year old son Chen Yi Lang Son Ruji. When Chen Yilang was nineteen years old, I see her grandmother’s hometown, learned what the whole story, hand blade Zhou Maofang revenge. Chen Lang has two years old in this story, Zhou Maofang loved him as his own, and the children. "Well" in "what folks say Wu Jiqian change the rank" set: a single county river line theft was killed, his wife forced to steal, the months son box floating river, even to a temple after more than ten years, suddenly see the paint box, said the monks, all through, and see his son cool Xiao father, Wei monk official newspaper, then. Remove the myth story elements, the monk is almost the same as this, and Yin Wen Jiao for pregnant women and succumb to the robber, this has to change the main sub students have the same feeling. The removal of this has spread the story alone, there is still a story and plot of the novel text in tripitaka. The thirty-seventh time, the king’s soul to the chicken from the monk dream their distress, and since he was pushed into the well after the monster: "since three years, no prince did not enter the palace, not to be able to meet with empress." He mourns, said: "you want to be the disaster of the village, but I pay day, and similar. At that time my father was a thief killed my mother was water, water thief game, after three months of my birth. I am in the water to escape life, happiness Jinshan Temple teacher save up. I remember childhood without parents, here the prince lost parents, and confused.相关的主题文章:

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