Best prose! The four thousand letter word for father daughter xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Best prose! The four thousand letter word for father daughter original title: father daughter school donated four thousand letter words: I want you to have love and adhere to the new semester father daughter pen four thousand words a letter scraper circle of friends, won the praise of "the best prose" this year China face "ordinary" the bomb like that nowadays education poke the pain points also, that premature conclusion "not everyone is a genius, daughter, you are not a genius. But everyone can be happy, daughter, we thought you could do it." The school season, a father to go to junior middle school daughter’s letters – "you can not force open field in the circle of friends spread, but I want you to have love to." The end of the letter written in WeChat since late August in the circle of friends after the release, has been a public number reprint, the amount of reading over 10000, and triggered a netizen on "ordinary" and "ordinary people" big discussion. Yesterday, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the author of this letter Chengdu parents Jiang Yong (a pseudonym). The father told reporters that he rarely actually write WeChat, because the daughter school homework have a problem, should parents give their children a portrait, "so I just want to use words to draw a three-dimensional image, but did not expect to receive so much attention……" Writing this article is actually for the child decompression, relaxed for parents. Other people’s children are unlimited, only one of their children, if you always use other people’s children than their children, it can never be finished." Jiang Yong said. The letter is true to "ordinary" achievement "extraordinary" letter history book "· and the daughter daughter in the third grade primary school, as the text workers Jiang Yong began to communicate with her letters in this way, the longest letter for up to more than 2 words" Jiang Yong is a writer. A letter is a special way of communicating with his daughter. This letter to the first daughter’s letter for up to 4000 words. As early as her daughter in grade three, Jiang Yong has written to her daughter, the longest letter has more than 2 words. "At that time, I did not expect her to understand, only some fragments intercepted telling her, why write, because some letters can be written in the moment, some can be written in the future, I hope that the children at the time, always can see the future." Jiang Yong told reporters that this letter in the WeChat circle of friends spread, many parents and teachers are forwarded, even overseas sites also were reproduced, this is his unexpected. In the book the four thousand words long letter, Jiang Yong also with his wife for a lot of in-depth communication. "This is an ordinary student an ordinary parents sincere psychology, hope the child grow up, adult, talent." In a variety of children’s education on the tangle, entanglement, distress, Jiang Yong and his wife finally reached a consensus. "Daughter, a long time, we have for you have high expectations, but then we have to reach a consensus: education can not make excessive demands beyond her, for her excellent daughter cognitive aptitude, not necessarily with her peers, but should be with her own past.")相关的主题文章:

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