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Benefit Benefit flower Rouge water let you peach blossom face and wind like – Sohu every girl has Princess heart girl dream, this sweet dream is woven from a variety of pink, and if that let the matte climb on the lips and cheeks, and what kind of amorous feelings will be? In the summer of 2008, Benefit benefit launched a new blockbuster Posietint, known as the thirty year history of benetint’s "sister", with poppy like pink, but also let her full of mystery! A brand new gel formula that makes all the beautiful faces look just the right color, and it doesn’t last forever. Oliveros Rouge water, it is inspired by the California state flower — if you have seen all over the mountains and plains poppy, poppy flowers, will be deeply attracted by the golden light pink. Posietint flower water with rouge for fresh soft pink lips and cheeks, wanton publicity pink bottle, such as poppy flower petals kiss on the lips, let you in a beautiful bouquet! You can become the most beautiful pattern girl with this delightful fresh soft pink. Let the light and thin Posietint flower Rouge water gently kiss the lips and cheeks, bring the shining luster like peach blossom. If you’re obsessed with liquid blush, Posietint will be your new favorite! Whether you are sweet control, or cute control, will find your own pink romantic princess dream in the world of Benefit!

贝玲妃Benefit花漾胭脂水 让你桃花满面等风来-搜狐 每个女生都有公主心少女梦,这个甜梦是由各种各样的粉色编织而成,那如果让粉嫩爬上了唇颊,又会是一番怎样的风情呢? 2008年的夏季,贝玲妃benefit全新重磅推出posietint,被称为有着三十年历史的benetint的“妹妹”,拥有罂粟般的粉红色,更是让她充满了神秘色彩!全新的凝露配方,令所有渴望美丽的容颜呈现出恰到好处的完美肤色,并而持久不晕染。 花漾胭脂水,它的灵感来源于加利福尼亚州州花――罂粟花,如果你见过漫山遍野的罂粟花海,一定会被那金灿灿的粉嫩光芒深深吸引。Posietint花漾胭脂水拥有为双唇和面颊而设的新鲜柔粉色,瓶子里肆意张扬的粉红色,如罂粟花的花瓣轻吻在唇上,让您在花束中美丽盛放!只要染上这令人愉悦的新鲜柔粉色,你就能变成最美的花样女孩儿。 让轻盈薄透的Posietint花漾胭脂水轻柔吻上双唇和面颊,带来如桃花绽放般的闪亮光泽。如果你也为液体腮红而着迷,那posietint将会成为你的新宠!无论你是甜美控,还是可爱控,都会在贝玲妃的世界里找到属于你自己的那一个粉色浪漫公主梦!相关的主题文章:

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