Beijing – VIDEO – 2567 anniversary of the birth of Confucius of Zhengzhou Confucious’temple with hun ca1805

Beijing – VIDEO – 2567 anniversary of the birth of Confucius of Zhengzhou Confucious’temple with hundreds of people chanting Hanfu Confucius praise [comment] "great is Confucius, heaven and earth incarnation, teach holy, Michitsura……" The morning of September 28th, "Confucius Chan" sound came from the Zhengzhou Confucious’temple hospital. The value of Chinese great thinker and educator Confucius birthday 2567 anniversary memorial ceremony cum central Confucius education awards ceremony in the host. In the morning, the circles of education and culture and student representatives from Henan province more than 400 people gathered in Confucious’temple in Zhengzhou, with three gift Confucius worship Confucius, all the people participate in ritual for the traditional Yi Bai Li, Hong Ying, on behalf of God more than speech, read, recite, early Xian Zhu Confucius and other forms of worship with the big singing. Henan Confucian Culture Association vice president Song Ge said in his speech at the scene, in ancient times, Confucius was hailed as the great sage, known as the teacher for all ages. This is the heritage of Chinese teachers spirit, let the Chinese sages return modern education represented by Confucius, China to reshape the image of teacher. [?] over the same period (Henan province Confucianism Culture Promotion Association vice president Song Ge?) for two thousand and five hundred years, Confucius’s benevolent love the king of political ideology, people-oriented ideology, moral education, Dehua people’s education thought, learning proficiency for officialdom, the practice of Teaching benefits teachers as well as students. thought, have benefited the spirit of practice, has made an indelible contribution to the progress of human civilization. The event is organized by the Henan Provincial Association for the promotion of Confucian culture, the basic education committee of the Henan Provincial Association for private education, the Zhengzhou Confucious’temple, the vanguard education, etc.. It is reported that this is the Zhengzhou Confucious’Temple memorial ceremony activities held for 11 consecutive years. ????????????????????????????????? reporter Kan?? Henan, Zhengzhou reported相关的主题文章:

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