Beijing, the first pilot house price limit land prices around the big exposure pigeon blood

The first batch of Beijing limit price competing land prices around the pilot plots exposed 13 last month, the Beijing Municipal Land Planning Commission issued a notice to clear Haidian Yongfeng and Daxing Huangcun 4 plots of land use limit prices, competing land transfer pilot ". October 16th afternoon, the first batch of Beijing limit price, competing land pilot plots of two plots of land auction. According to the experimental plots bidding rules, finally, the investment proportion of commercial housing area reached 100%, 4 units in residential construction scheme of high standard investment program. Industry experts said that from the final transaction price and the area of enterprise sustained, set the upper limit to guide the market rational to participate in the competition, the price level stability of Beijing land market results in a reasonable range. For enterprise self-sustaining commodity housing area, will also increase the city’s rental housing supply, which will also meet the different levels of self occupied housing demand, especially in residential security for the purpose of housing demand. Municipal Land Planning Committee of the relevant responsible person said, this is the city of Beijing to implement the general office of the State Council "several opinions on accelerating the cultivation and development of housing rental market" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 39) of innovative initiatives, to actively promote the establishment of the purchase and rent housing system, the cultivation and development of the housing rental market, encourage and guide the development of enterprises have been completed using the housing or new housing rental business. Moreover, the pilot plots in the "limit price competitive price" at the same time, but also the implementation of the "9070" policy, namely the dwelling area of 90 square metres of housing area accounted for more than 70% of the proportion of all housing area. This can play a role in ensuring the residents just need, self occupied demand. Small wonder, in accordance with the proportion of 7:3 large-sized apartment division, in the existing land area case, Haidian District will add about 3000 sets of large-sized apartment house, about 900 sets of large-sized apartment house, Daxing will add about 1000 sets of large-sized apartment houses, 300 sets of large-sized apartment house, a total of about 5000 housing units, the equivalent of Beijing city the annual turnover of about 8%, to some extent alleviate the Beijing for less than the situation. Moreover, the definition of a more reasonable price guide market expectations. Xiaobian finishing these 4 plots of new houses and second-hand housing around the project, we can contrast. It is understood that the current near Haidian 3 plots of the new project is relatively large, the first Department of banyan tree project main 46-89 flat products from the housing, the average transaction price of 22500 yuan, several other projects are the main push of large-sized apartment products, in the sale of items such as Yifeng manor 200-300 large-sized apartment residential products, price 38000 yuan, Minmetals Vanke · Park 230-310; as residential prices have been flat, the current level of about 90 thousand; and the land near the second-hand housing prices relatively stable, the average price of around 55 thousand, and the apartment layout area in the 50-140 square, large-sized apartment to buy more products, more suitable for those who just need to purchase, such as on the home project main push 65 flat residential transaction price in 53000 yuan or so. Daxing Huangcun plots located in the Metro Line 4 subway station 200 meters west of Qingyuan road. Huangcun plate as Daxing old residential areas in the region.相关的主题文章:

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