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BAT content distribution for the Internet in the second half to face the realization of the test Zhang Jingchao recently coincided with the Internet giant to mention the second half of the frequency, the content distribution field is extremely hot. Following the daily express, UC headlines, Baidu officially joined the ranks of content distribution. So far BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) in the field of content has sounded the clarion call. In November 23rd, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter learned from Baidu, Baidu in 2017 will be accumulated to the content producers into 10 billion yuan, all individuals and institutions of content producers can be settled hundreds of billions in profit. It is worth noting that the daily express also said that 200 million yuan subsidy only 7.75% points, the second half of the year and a 90% share of the vacant position; and today’s headlines is two months ago announced a subsidy of 1 billion yuan original short video content production; and Ali launched UC headlines in the first half of this year also launched a media plan to fu. Industry analysts believe that, due to the content in today’s Internet Ecosystem, is gathering traffic flow and the distribution of the cash flow as a tool and means, which caused the parties concerned and to compete, but the core content is the flow of competition. In addition, both the content of the production or distribution platform, so far still attributes and traditional media advertising, no two, community, electricity supplier is currently limited liquidity channels, it is a real challenge to the operational capabilities of the platform. The content of high cost of entrance flow since the beginning of this year, O2O areas such as financing more difficult, but the content is Triumphant news keeps pouring in. In April this year, it real funds and logic thinking to 12 million yuan investment in Papi sauce. Three months later, the emotional big Hu Hu was the two more than $4 million 500 thousand investment. In September of this year, Jingdong reached a strategic cooperation with today’s headlines, today’s headlines for Jingdong to open a separate entrance, and according to its algorithm to the user to recommend accurate goods. Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu’s content of the ecological business of Baidu believes that the fragmentation of the mobile Internet features, the need to bring consumer content anytime, anywhere. Internet users online time is limited, but the mobile Internet can achieve real-time online, and push mechanism based on information flow, people can in the fragmented scene whenever and wherever possible consumer content, whether digital music, video or mobile users in the above information, consumption of the increasingly long time, demand is very strong." Lu Fubin said. Apart from the changes of user demand, Internet analyst Tang Xin told reporters that the current changes in the business environment, but also makes the enterprise to seek a breakthrough in the field of content. "The more important reason is that the online traffic is more and more expensive by BAT, and the content is relatively cheap. As a result, users no longer rely solely on the purchase of traffic through the BAT, instead of consuming content. The demand for cheap traffic spawned content production market, the content of entrepreneurship as an outlet. At the same time, after a batch of BAT in the secondary entrance to see the hope, have to compete for the content of this higher cost of the flow vector." Tang Xin said. Tang Xin said that the mobile Internet to the center of the production mechanism for content production.相关的主题文章:

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