Baoqiang Wang’s new film by Ma Rong nominal boycott support you – the next news Sohu ajviewer

Baoqiang Wang’s new film by Ma Rong nominal boycott: support you – the next news Sohu Baoqiang Wang film "havoc" Tianzhu poster Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, "Baoqiang Wang" actor, previously announced "Ma Rong and his wife divorce lawsuit has not ended, Baoqiang Wang recently also busy propaganda, directed the movie" havoc "Tianzhu, but sharp eyed Netizens found a film producer was" Ma Rong ", that is to say, the film sold well, producer can dividends, many fans had to say sorry baby, support you next time. Baoqiang Wang: "I pushed out all the shows this year, only one thing." Baoqiang Wang recently busy propaganda directed the movie "havoc" Tianzhu, also found the director behind the vote. Mainland director Feng Xiaogang: "you want to encounter problems, I told Xu Zheng, we 2 people to help you shoot on the line." Including Feng Xiaogang, Xu Zheng, everyone wants to share a joke with Baoqiang Wang points, film is expected to be released in mainland China before Christmas, Baoqiang Wang micro-blog issued a document, I have no somersault cloud, no seventy-two, but only want to do what I can to do a dream, the fans shouted support, but it was found that Baoqiang Wang his ex-wife Ma Rong is actually one of the film’s producer, also let users attitude turn, some people say that Ma Rongruo is a producer, the movie watch, Ma Rong also said the money, we do not see, so sorry baby, next time you support. Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut, but because the producer hang ex-wife Ma Rong let netizen boycott, the film is not released on the first opposition, also curious will therefore affect the box office.相关的主题文章:

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