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Overview For businesses that rely on maintaining contact with their customer base, Direct2Desktop offers you an option that doesnt require email, the concerns about Spam regulations, or discontinued or changed email addresses of your clients. Instead of generating an email campaign, Direct2Desktop uses RSS technology to bring your marketing campaigns, articles, and information directly to your customers .puters. The advantages that this system has over traditional email campaigns can be quite powerful, especially when you consider the overall inherent limitations of emails. While many people subscribe for emails from businesses around the world, they dont often consider their own email filtering software and the emails could likely find their way into the junk folder, having been deemed as Spam. Using a RSS feed, Direct2Desktop publications are automatically ‘pulled’ by your customers’ .puters when you post a new thread or publish new content. The only way that your campaign won’t reach your customers is if they discontinue following you or if they remove the Direct2Client reader from their .puter. Features Email campaigns have to be specifically targeted, generated, and tracked to determine their efficiency and deliverability to your customer base. With Direct2Desktop, the most important factor to consider is the content and what you are aiming to achieve with your latest publication. This allows you to use any language to target your client base, including the most .monly flagged words by email filters, such as ‘no investment’ and ‘be your own boss’, which tend to send an email into the junk folder bin. When you build a strong client base with Direct2Desktop, you will never receive a single .plaint about Spam again. Any business owner operating on the Internet today understands that Spam .plaints can lead to a host of potential issues for them and their business, including the possibility of having the web hosting service terminate hosting based on Spam laws. Limitations Perhaps the single most important limitation of Direct2Desktop would have to be building a customer base. For businesses that don’t have a customer list yet, this marketing campaign will take time as well as other methods to build a base of customers or interested prospects. However, once the list has been constructed, then Direct2Desktop actually serves to be a more advantageous tool to keep in touch with these customers. Overall Summary The Web is constantly changing and while emails have been traditionally the most powerful tool to stay in contact with clients and potential customers, RSS feeds are the wave of the future and eliminate unnecessary messages being blocked or returned. Direct2Desktop is at the forefront of this next wave of email marketing and autoresponder campaigns to keep in touch with your valuable clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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