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Artificial multiple births become "epidemic" of safety risk should be paid more attention to the Sohu in recent years infant births rose, mainly with the widespread use of ovulation induction drugs, abuse of fertility treatment and environmental pollution, rather than natural pregnancy results. In modern society, the increase of life and work pressure, unhealthy lifestyles and the aggravation of environmental pollution have led to the infertility of women. These women are often under the guidance of a doctor taking ovulation drugs, can make some women a month from more than two eggs, the eggs and sperm meet, may be more than a fertilized egg, and then developed into multiple births. In addition, in the use of fertility treatment in the process of infertility, some doctors tend to be implanted in the uterus a number of fertilized eggs, thus artificially caused by the increase in multiple pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, usually only a row of eggs per month, through the promotion of ovulation ovulation will be a few eggs, increasing the chance of pregnancy. For fertility treatment, the number of embryos into the uterus. For the mother of eugenics and the principles of safety, many countries have strict regulations in this regard, embryo transfer may not be more than three, the reduction of more than three fetal pregnancy advice. Twin pregnancy prone obstetric complications for Taiwan obstetricians, twin pregnancy belongs to high-risk pregnancy category, prone to many obstetric complications, there are great risks to mother and child. These obstetric complications include sugar disease, anemia, hypertension, abnormal pregnancy tolerance in late abortion, abnormal fetal position, postpartum hemorrhage, much higher than single pregnancy. For Taiwan paediatricians, twin pregnancy preterm birth to about 5 times higher than single pregnancy, premature children with low body weight, organs and systems development, significantly increased neonatal morbidity and mortality, especially in low birth weight infants, disability and death alarmingly high. Twin family therapy in pregnancy increases the need for correct understanding in fertility treatment in the treatment of some doctors because of the pursuit of a single transfer cycle, more embryos caused by twin pregnancy increases, this is a need to recognize and overcome the problem. In the past 6~8 years, the West has been aware of the negative factors of twins, in order to reduce the twins in the treatment of fertility treatment, and vigorously promote the single embryo transfer, the symbol of fertility treatment is defined as: single birth, full-term pregnancy, live birth, safe and comfortable. Although our fertility treatment started late, but the development is very fast, also need to be in line with the idea. In addition to fertility treatment, ovulation control in the treatment of twin work needs to be strengthened. It is necessary to regulate the standard of ovulation, and there are some restrictions on the choice of the drug, the formulation of the program, and the treatment of redundant follicles. Control of twin and multiple pregnancies from these two major iatrogenic sources. Twin pregnant women must bear more often the number of times the risk and pay risk in the delivery process, whether the fetus can be as they may survive and grow in the course of hospitalization is expensive to afford medical expenses, in the process of growth of spending and energy pay etc.. To address these issues, scientific and calm analysis is the law of nature and human respect. If you want.相关的主题文章:

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