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Software Phishing refers to the social engineering tactics used to acquire sensitive details like passwords, usernames, credit card details, social security numbers, and bank account numbers from people. Phishing is of different types such as spear phishing, clone phishing, rock phishing, whaling and so on. The phishers trick people to divulge their most closely guarded details by appearing to be someone they trust or create a situation where the victims have no other choice but to give in. Though there are phishing protection solutions available most people do not deem it necessary as they consider themselves smart and intelligent enough to see through the tricks. Phones and the Internet are the two mediums used by the phishers to put their devious plans into action. Phishers make use of several techniques to con people. Lets look at the most widely used techniques to get an understanding of the highly sophisticated world of the phishers. Email/Spam Phishing In this type of phishing, phishers use emails to dupe people. The phishers send emails to unassuming people claiming to be sent by the bank or any other reputed institution. The email would request the recipient to fill up certain details or provide some critical information like password or bank account number. Since the emails are designed in such a way that the recipients would have no doubt regarding its authenticity, most people fall into the trap. Hence, they reply to the emails thereby losing their money as well as identity. Sometimes the email would contain details of getting a credit card with a low interest rate. The phishers would provide a link for logging in so that the recipient can apply for the credit card. The link would take the recipient to a bogus site that asks for details like bank account number or social security numbers. Phone Phishing Phone phishing is the latest tactic used by the phishers, as the success rate of duping people with phone calls is very much greater when .pared to email phishing. In phone phishing, the recipient would get a phone call from a trusted organization such as a bank or a federal agency asking for information to authenticate a bank account or credit card. Sometimes the phishers inform the recipients that there had been a phishing attack leading to the locking of their accounts and hence require the recipients personal details to verify the account. Social Networking Phishing Phishers make use of the information provided in the social networking sites to swindle money. They steal the identity of a person and use it to send links of fake websites to those in the victims contact list. Sometimes they use the stolen identity to get passwords to online gaming accounts, passwords of ATM cards, credit card numbers and so on. Today phishing is quite a serious problem as it affects not only people but also the very organization that the victims work for. They can target unsuspecting employees to access the critical .pany details. However, protection from phishing is possible thanks to anti phishing tool that help .panies to enhance their security levels through .prehensive user behavioral analysis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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