Another School Shooting Rocks Nation, Piazza Repeats His Clear Message-w-inds.

News-and-Society Dr. Ignatius Piazza is certainly one to be listened to in matters of firearm safety and gun training. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of the nation’s largest gun training school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight has an excellent name in the realm of gun training and throughout the entire firearms industry. And to borrow from Shakespeare, ‘its excellent did earn it, before it had it.’ Dr. Piazza’s pet project is barely a decade old, and it has already surpassed all major shooting schools in the nation. In fact, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students than all other major shooting schools in the nation .bined. Therefore when Dr. Ignatius Piazza speaks out about a firearm issue, the world listens. For years, Dr. Piazza has found himself horrified – like the entire nation – at the acts of thoughtless violence on high school campuses across America. As one who has made his life promoting and embodying safe, responsible gun training and use, to see firearms utilized in such a bloody, impossibly thoughtless manner is a shock and a horror. For this reason, Dr. Ignatius Piazza has voiced his opinion on the matter of high school shootings many times. In his opinion, the quickest, most efficient solution to the problem of school shootings is to get firearms training into the hands of those who can do something about the problem first: the teachers. Dr. Ignatius Piazza has made it his – very successful – career to train men and women from all walks of life in how to utilize a firearm safely and responsibly; he has no doubt that to train men and women whose lives are already devoted to responsibly training others would be easier and more fruitful than usual. He also feels that the teachers are and should be the first line of recognizing and understanding potential shooters. Professionals, analysts and investigators agree that teachers are the only ones who will reliably be able to see warning signs, and they also agree that teachers are the first and sometimes only ones who would be able to do anything about a shooter. For this reason, Dr. Piazza holds that teachers all across the nation should receive firearms training that would enable them to protect the lives of the students they are already devoting their lives to. He is more than just passing interested in getting this goal met. In fact, his desire for this goal to be achieved surpasses mild interest: he is so intent upon getting teachers trained and students protected that he is willing to train thousands of teachers for free. Dr. Piazza has offered the free services of Front Sight’s handgun training to any three teachers from any and all schools in all school districts of the nation. He is so intent upon getting teachers the training that will protect themselves and their students that he is willing to forego profit, just to get the training out there. Teachers merely need to get themselves appointed a safety official by the highest official of the school district and get the school district to contact Front Sight to receive Front Sight’s finest defensive handgun training for free. Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s desire to safeguard and protect America isn’t just passing interest or desire for profit: he’ll have America safe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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