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Mobil-.puting Android market place is already flooded with 70000 plus applications, this just shows how widespread the market is and how tougher it is getting with each passing day necessitating for .panies to do Android application development differently. It is a known fact that Android is a versatile mobile application development platform, with lot many features, which can be used to add more to the applications. However how well an Android developer develops an application depends on his platform knowledge and ability to weave its features into the application. There is so much to explore, here are a few features which can make android app development better: Naming the Application: People will often recon an application through its name, hence it is important to name it aptly. As soon as you start the Android app development work you are likely to have a rough idea as to what to name the application. On the other hand, each day many different applications are uploaded on the Android market, hence it is possible that the name you think for the application might have been taken by the time you plan to put your application there. Hence the first tip is to think of the name first and get the application registered with the same name on the market place as soon as the idea is conceived. Think of the Users First: When you develop an application you want that your users should be satisfied with it and use it for the purpose it has been developed. To develop such an application it is important to know what your users want, they might be looking for that particular feature and if you provide them with something else then there are fewer chances that they will be happy with it. So a good tip here would be to plan Android app development as per the users requirement and not based on the budget and skill level. Know the Market: For developing a unique application it is important to know the disparate applications that already exist in the market. It is advised to expose your application functionality through platform intents as documented in official Google developer reference material. Generic Intent.ACTION_SEND option is the most popular option among all. Checking and Testing: How .plicated is your application layout? Know this using View Hierarchy and plan further development accordingly. It is available only on developer version of Android, hence you will need Android mobile phone or the emulator. For other mobile phones you can use Romain Guys ViewServer Class. They also make problem solving easier. Few basic Android development tips like these can help you develop a user friendly and popular Android application without much hassle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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