Analysis of Gimhae compass 916 beauty dish spot gold spot the trend of crude oil-isobuster

Gimhae compass 916 beauty dish spot gold spot crude oil price analysis of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Good evening, today is the second day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but also on Friday, beware of black Friday quotes. In the 20:30 CPI data released better than market expectations, that inflation in the United States to maintain steady, for the years of interest rate again increase the weight, whether the interest rate hike in September, next Thursday morning at 2 to see the outcome of the rain comes from wind, the market before forecasting rampant. Price fluctuations will not be ups and downs, this time by appearing on the market, the new trend of the first prototype, its form is not stable, is mentioned on a trend of initial stage; secondly, before the major news, the market will not give the exact direction, no one is a fool, will take a huge risk to get a direction of profit. You have to go to see the previous data of the major investors in the market, are in the data after the announcement of a minute, there are more than ten thousand hands into the list, the volatility of the moment amplification, rather than advance to approach. Before making any decisions, the author has been stressed the view that the so-called professional, is actually a complete preparatory work ahead of time. In the market transaction before I do like the analyst will may arise after the trend, have to consider going to calculate the recent volatility in the mode, mean and extreme value to estimate the list profit range, combined with the judgment of support and resistance, and the judgment of the trend to give the corresponding list, we give the approach point, stop loss, not free to give out, but after multiple considerations and analysis are given. Not at any time, investors asked friends, we can directly to the single, but to wait until the appropriate point to enter, unless the current trend is running strong. Crude oil, all day to maintain the downward trend of shocks, investors have heard a friend’s words, called the disk will fall for a long time, reiterated that this sentence, only in the short trend line established. At present, the trend of crude oil, is a relatively strong short trend, if prices continue sideways does not break the high, then you can be in high sideways near empty single approach directly look broken, this form, the author also repeatedly referred to, is a very effective form, we found these analysts, is the use of law, rules, and some simple signal, transmitted to each investor friends, increase the probability to make money. The delegate to the fish to fish, there may be thousands of people browse the article, only a few people will listen, but this is enough, the mountains, an as long as unremittingly efforts, Many a little make a mickle., I believe that the market investors friend comprehensive quality will be gradually improved, some unnecessary the loss will gradually reduce. Oil prices above $43 in good stimulus data, since a strong, we need to do, is to join in, now the price is in the current lows, but do not worry too much, because it is now low, is likely to be tomorrow’s highs, the historical trend is very important, but we fry, is the future expected. theory相关的主题文章:

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