After the bright Chinese music bar mysterious bar, and now food lobster – Sohu eat and drink

After lunch, the former Yan music | mysterious bar, now eat lobster delicacy – Sohu Yan after Chinese music, is located in Xiamen Road near the end of Penang Lang Friendship Square, a dozen years ago, areca road is a street bar, bar style row upon row of large and small, Cleopatra is the one of a year on this road I have been to the basic bar, but is Cleopatra had not gone, probably because the name was too bright, so I was young and ignorant not too embarrassed to go. Time flies, ten years later, the bar scene no longer, the bar street is no longer a bar street, most bars have closed the store to do catering tea, but also Cleopatra operated until now, but is no longer a bar, but for Chinese music bar, steam the main seafood is very popular now, there are a lot of hot dishes, business is good, the novelty is the kingly way. A dozen years ago, how many times did not pass through the door into place, is to go to an inquiry unexpectedly today, a moment in a trance, as if back to ten years ago when she was young in the scene of debauchery bar street…… a large window, the glass window above a row, big Yan two words, face the door is Pharaoh’s relief, the ancient Egyptian customs pumianerlai. The shop is very big, there is a card box, a good environment. There is a small stage performances, although not a bar, but also the continuation of the music element. First taste: three yellow chicken dish Royal golden color, attractive, eats the chicken is tender and tight chewy, chicken with ginger hair on the body, taste the taste is great. Mustard shrimp mushroom soup clam soup, fresh, clean and light, heat annealing, it is suitable for the climate of Xiamen. Lobster, lobster fleshy Q shells soup made of lobster meat is more delicious, the following is lined with a layer of noodles, delicious soup and absorbed the lobster Shannon, not to be missed. Sauce water croaker, fish is big, the meat is very tender, the traditional method of cooking sauce water make more delicious fish. Cucumber fish soup pot, a Taiwanese characteristics pot, delicious fresh. This is the gift, Sauteed Snow Peas, Chinese yam, black fungus, fresh and refreshing, degrease. Three chicken mushroom pot set of intestine, which is a soup, mushroom soup flavor and fragrance mix, let the soup is very delicious, there are a lot of delicious set out to eat sausage remember. Tiger moray eel pot, is a very nourishing ingredients, cooking tasty meat is tight, tonic jiapin. Cantonese fried rice, the rebate table full, rich ingredients, stir fry evenly, the staple food is very good. The next start tasting steam: steam Q filling Boiled dumplings, skin beauty, get everyone alike, a large cage soon carved a space. Delicious chicken, chicken fat plump, soft palate, glial rich beauty. Steam pot main ingredient or seafood, it can keep good food flavor, the taste of steamed fish, prawns, Bao Dongshan pearl oyster, tubular, fresh ingredients, authentic and delicious is difficult to resist, a boil every time everyone was forced to wait out the chopsticks fast flower.相关的主题文章:

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