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Adorable pet hit the city, the strength of super sultry captain Mix[V] moving tide Shanghai Sohu in September 25th, Shanghai discovered a yen value burst table team, caused a lot of crowd, the team across the magic city center downtown landmark, instantly become the small hot spots are magic! As a small group of people to eat melon in front of the loading force, of course, can not lag behind! Follow closely all the way, found a lot of fun things! First of all, this combination is called a domineering team! A super cool black Lamborghini super run ground lead adsorption on more than ten red, white Mini Cooper followed, Mini Cooper in the body, "looking for the Shanghai accent trendsetter" slogan and a sense of a science fiction image of the panda duorenyanqiu. The car beauty is more eye-catching, sharp eyed small spotted the popular Korean beauty supermodel Cui Enqing ("Super Model" Supermodel Contest seventh), there are dozens of our stunning escort! The team gathered in Shanghai’s trendsetter with the band, the body of the panda instantly turned into a 4 meter high "giant", Weiranchuli, there are two giant "Adorable pet" to sell small adorable, looked to take home. Car beauty with adorable pet, which is simply a lifelong pursuit of small ah! Still immersed in the fantasy of Xiaobian suddenly received a letter, all beauty, good excitement so excited ~ open letter, as a small click into place eat melon masses. Originally, such a tone of the battle, in September 30th Shanghai has a large "VR interactive Museum" opened. It is reported that this company called Mix[V] experience street is located in Jingan Jingpin Plaza, by the well-known VR brand operator super captain to take several months to build. In May this year, the brand has built its first super 500 VR interactive experience in Guangzhou, the sensation of the country. "Shanghai Mix[V] will be further upgraded its quality in the Guangzhou store, both internal and external." Super captain relevant responsible person said. On the one hand, Mix[V]2.0 integration of higher quality resources both inside and outside the industry — and Archiact, hello ah technology, pictures, science and technology, the virtual rice gene interaction and other well-known companies to carry out in-depth cooperation, introducing the most advanced VR hardware equipment and the very international standard game content. On the other hand, the extraction operations experienced after Mix[V]2.0 360° in store image, regional settings and service experience; comprehensive upgrade, in detail perfect, to bring the excellent quality of the virtual reality tour for consumers. This VR cross-border experience Pavilion at the October golden week, is to bring a series of different themes and content for the friends in Shanghai "fans exclusive" activities, can be described as the golden week seven days! Limit free experience, the first time an electric shock Mix[V]相关的主题文章:

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