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[acts 318] go! A ride to Lhasa! Sohu – tourism Sichuan Tibet line, also known as the Sichuan Tibet highway. In Sichuan Chengdu, the Ya’an, Kangding, in Xinduqiao divided into North and south two line, South Yajiang, Litang, Batang, Tibet in Mangkam, in the north line and bamda rendezvous, and then by eight places, Bomi and Linzhi to Lhasa. The summer of 2016, with a special mood, a person I embarked on a total length of 2149 kilometers south of the Sichuan Tibet line. Refused to peer friends, kept away from their parents and relatives, missed his graduation ceremony…… It’s all the same, as Mr. L envisioned that year. While walking side ride, all the way from Chengdu to Lhasa, I was carrying a computer bag to break. No climbers, no professional equipment – even the rainy season, even with no umbrella.. I don’t know how many days I will go, I will rest every day…… Yes, you guessed it, I actually did not do any preparation for departure. I think I’m crazy… Along the way, 2 bus, 17 bus ride to good people. 2149 km road, over 14 elevation 4000 mountains. Across the river, a natural barrier, go over the mountains, canyons, a high anti fever uncomfortable, there are crazy on the snowy plateau Xing Xi; witnessed three of the deceased’s burial, also witnessed a couple of Tibetan wedding. Pure hiking all day from morning to night, never thought he is wearing slippers to others… McGregor Pakistan road risk, suffered landslides; the clip pull mountain fog shuttle car accident almost day of heavy rain; Bomi stood on the road, forced to stop the rapid vehicle. Met a lot of interesting things had not thought, have done a lot of who do not dare try frantically to put the last of the youth on the road to start the Sichuan Tibet line to reason, from one person to speak — Mr. L. He is the most familiar and most elusive man, like a madman. Mr L is young, energetic, and has a dream, like many college students, who will squander their youth. In his memory, he had a wonderful day in College life. Until one day four years ago, this guy suddenly came up with an idea, said to go to Tibet line, and then things get out of hand. This is almost a turning point in Mr. L’s life. 2012 summer day, watching the night "new legend" Sichuan Tibet line, he suddenly said: "brother to take the Sichuan Tibet line acts. A person to go." Mr. L this bastard! Not ready to do anything! Also go to a wool ah! Until four years later, in July 1, 2016, I stood in front of the Potala Palace in the rain crying, only to understand the feelings and dedication of Mr. L. This guy did not see it. Mr. L, I saw you. July 1, 2016. Rain in Lhasa. Potala Palace review the way, thanks to the free ride well wishers in the Sichuan Tibet line. Because of you, I have a dream of myself and Mr. L. Take a car to work in Mangkam, Sichuan have big brother, self driving Tibet youth Qingdao four brothers, vegetables to the Tibetan bar) bamboo card Depot相关的主题文章:

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