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UnCategorized People who suffer from acid reflux will almost invariably have acute chest pains. The acid reflux and chest pain is so .mon, that many times people who are actually having an heart attack, do not seek the necessary emergency medical attention because they think that they are suffering from acidity. What Is The Difference Between The Acid Reflux And Chest Pain And The Acid Reflux Without Chest Pain? Apparently there is no difference in the acid levels, or levels of aggravation of the acid reflux in the adult who .plain of chest pain versus those who suffer from acid reflux but have no chest pains. Doctors are not able to explain clearly why the pain occurs in some people, while in some people it is totally absent. However, the treatment for both types of people remains the same. The acid reflux and chest pain, besides being very un.fortable, can be dangerous if left untreated. The acid that goes out of the stomach has a tendency of accumulating in the esophagus, or the alimentary canal. If this acid is not neutralized, in due course it will damage the lining of the tube and create painful, bleeding ulcers. This is why doctors are very careful to monitor the levels of acidity found in the stomach, as well as the esophagus before and during the treatment, to ensure that there is no threat from this angle. Acid Reflux And Chest Pain Treatments Bring Fast Relief Once diagnosed the treatment is very effective and brings relief from any dis.fort almost instantly. However, people also use alternative medicines, such as herbal treatment which many are of the opinion that is very helpful. The most important of all, the treatment will require abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes. It also advises to have something in your stomach all the time, because the moment the stomach empty it has a tendency of producing more acid and this acid in .bination with the food (whenever you eat) will create the acid reflux. It is important, hence, to have smaller meals but more often that three times a day. You can also carry with a packet of biscuits all the time, just in case you find yourself in any circumstances whereby you cannot have your meal(s) on time. This is as important as the medicines prescribed for the treatment of the acid reflux and chest pain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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