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Travel-and-Leisure Travelers can enjoy these great Costa Rica promotions and give back while on vacation. When it .es to sustainable tourism offerings, few can .pare to Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Tourist Board has implemented a program called Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) designed to promote the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the entire tourism sector, including hotels, tour operators, transportation providers, and best of all, the .munity. A large portion of the industry participates to some degree and some of the services they offer include recycling, solar heated water, reforestation initiatives and creating jobs for the people in the surrounding area, among others. The CST program gives a zero through five leaf rating to those operations that meet strict guidelines for sustainable practicesthe higher the score, the most green, efficient and sustainable the operation is. The CST program has be.e one of the most widely respected sustainable certificate programs and it has been adopted by the United Nations and the World Tourism Organization as a model, and many countries around the world are employing similar standards. When visiting Costa Rica, travelers can select from the 153 tourist .panies that have been certified since the creation of the program. Sustainability and conservation in the country also extends out into the .munity through its Blue Flag Ecology (BAE) program. .munities in Costa Rica are given the BAE certification through an evaluation of the quality of the ocean water, quality of drinking water, waste disposal and availability of sanitary facilities. This distinction is given to those .munities who safeguard the environment and maintain necessary sanitary conditions of the water and the areas around it. Greenway Tours, as a responsible travel .pany in Costa Rica is in the process of their certification and ecological vacation packages can be arranged by our professional staff. For a great Costa Rica vacation, please contact us for assistance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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