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A tax payment of 13 billion euros   Apple’s tough response to the EU ruling –IT– people.com.cn EU asked Apple back tax 13 billion euros Apple tough response to the EU ruling local time on August 30th, the European Commission ruled that the special tax apple in Ireland obtained arrangement illegal state subsidies, the highest pay 13 billion euros to the Irish tax, and apple and the Irish government said it would appeal this result. The European Union has been suspected of having an agreement with the European Commission on Apple’s tax investigation in June 2014. The suspect, apple and the Irish government to reach an agreement, apple to solve the employment problem of the local, and the Irish for apple to provide preferential rates, over the years has been enjoying a rate less than 2%, illegal profits from the Irish government subsidies. Currently, Apple’s EU headquarters in southwestern cork, employing 5500 people in Ireland at the present stage of apple. Finally, according to the EU investigation ruling, Apple needs to Ireland back in 2003 to 2014 the total 13 billion euros in taxes, at the same time, also need to pay the interest for many years. It is understood that the European Commission to apple out of the single tax price is 40 times the previous requirements of other company to pay the amount of tax. In addition, if the area of other countries also pay more taxes for apple, Apple may reduce the back taxes in ireland. EU competition commissioner Vestager said that Apple needs to pay the specific amount will be decided by the irish. Due to Apple’s original form of tax avoidance by the European to be punished for apple, is known as a "double Irish sandwich" method of tax avoidance, this way is originally designed by apple. This is a very complex corporate structure, is simple to set up a shell company in Ireland, and the transfer of intellectual property rights to most of the parent company of the company, and then through a series of related transactions of the company, the overseas market profits into the shell company. In this way, after the first use of apple, many U.S. companies have followed suit. It is understood that Ireland is one of the world’s lowest business tax, 12.5% of sales tax, free of vat. While apple through multiple tax avoidance means, will need to pay the tax rate of control in 2% or less, so Apple’s overseas income to enjoy a very low tax rate. There are accounting professionals said that Apple’s tax avoidance approach is mainly adopted by foreign and domestic tax differences to carry out, mainly in multinational companies. Because it is mainly to achieve the purpose of tax evasion through the confusion of the main tax, it is still in the scope of tax evasion. Ireland and apple are going to appeal to the EU’s decision, apple naturally can not accept, apple CEO Cook in an open letter to the matter said, Apple has become Ireland’s largest taxpayer, the largest U.S. taxpayers, the world’s largest taxpayer. "For years, as all companies doing business here, we have received over love)相关的主题文章:

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