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A "surprise" connection checks – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn original title: a "surprise" connection checks – reporter Li Miao "as long as the open platform, click on the map were yellow, red dog, you can view the regulatory information, real-time command." The early morning of October 22nd, the A group visiting delegation came to Dujiangyan first station — Dujiangyan Agricultural Service Center, listened with interest to the staff of Dujiangyan agriculture and Forestry Bureau Wu Hong introduced Dujiangyan grid management system. Wu Hong select module, open the grid administrator information for everyone to demonstrate. "According to my choice, choose a supervisor on the spot, I understand the situation?" A senior representative from the Ministry of agriculture suddenly asked. This requirement makes Wu red one Leng, but she readily agrees: "no problem, please choose." In accordance with the requirements on behalf of Wu Hong, point to open a "little red" pop out of the box to display the information, regulators called Zhou Jing, in charge of the Dujiangyan hall tribute tea company’s agricultural products quality and safety supervision, and shows her phone. Wu Hong quickly dialed the phone as the representative of Zhou Jing, rang more than and 10 seconds still no answer, just when we are worried about the phone finally pass. "Hello, I’m nonglinju, ask you to detect tribute tea company monthly hall several times?" "…… Two times the phone, Zhou Jing apparently also hesitated to call for one or two seconds, but immediately answered truthfully. Reporters call the evening of 22 Zhou Jing learned that when she thought the market is routine checks, until she told reporters, just know is the delegate calls, no prior for this will deliberately say hello or training. Hang up the phone, on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture very gratified very satisfied. "We didn’t come to the show." Delegates said that with a good system, the key is to use. (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

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