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UnCategorized There are vacations, and then there are luxury vacations. For most of us, when we think of a vacation, we think of Labor Day weekend and a weekend of boating. Or maybe the Christmas break that includes holiday fun with family, snow skiing, and a break from work. Usually once a year we will set aside time to take our families to Disneyland or if we are real lucky, Hawaii. I am her to inform you that there is an entirely new level of exotic vacations out there that will totally change the way you see the world. Who would have thought a vacation could be this good. To start, imagine taking awaking to a morning call to prayer in Hebrew. You then take a walk through the ancient streets of Jerusalem, with the aroma of Mediterranean food, feeling the warmth of the culture, and experiencing an entirely different world. Then you travel further north and relax on the shores of the sea of Galilee imagining what it would have been like to walk these same shores two thousand years ago. You many have been to some great beaches, but were the waters ever crystal blue like they show in movies. Envision staying in a Grand Cayman villa rental right along the beach. You relax in a shaded hammock overlooking a majestic paradise. After spending the morning rethinking what really is important in life, you decide to take a swim with peaceful stink rays that offer you a ride. The snorkeling and scuba diving is absolutely amazing because of the incredibly clear waters. If that isn’t enough, then go for a night dive in a submarine and tour a shipwreck. Have you ever considered river rafting? Why not start with what is considered the best rafting river in the world? You can book a guided rafting door on the Zambezi river below Victoria Falls. Between July and mid-February when the water is in its low time is the best time to go. Tours run through eighteen stretches of extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep declines, and majestic views. Sections of the river include the Gnashing Jaws of Death, and .mercial Suicide. The surrounding bird life is impressive, and although there are small crocodiles in parts of the water, they are not a major threat. This world has much, much more to offer us than roller coasters and theme parks. If you are at all interested in a real vacation, why not go for something absolutely unf.ettable. In addition to the relaxation, the magnificent views, and the exhilarating adventures, you can mingle with wonderful cultures that will cause you to reflect, and have a life changing experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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