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A face, more gold is still single! Hu Ge Eddie Peng led the entertainment diamond bachelor these years of entertainment but also hidden a lot of high-quality gold bachelors, except Eddie Peng, Hu Ge, Baron Chen and Jerry Yan are the best, there are many pigments, gold, character fortunately, they are waiting for the coming. Eddie Peng: double muscle male god business online TV drama "love paper" after his debut, Eddie Peng star has a bright future, quickly climbed up the actor’s position, but about to show that advertising endorsement has more to do, the annual income has broken million. 3 years old and his family emigrated to Canada, he also admitted to the The University of British Columbia, Canada, majoring in economics, is worthy of learning tyrants male god". Because of "Legend of Sword and Fairy" Tang Yu a corner by the mainland audience familiar with him, nearly two years of transformation and muscular action movie time. The movie, except with Hsu Chi the scandal, emotional life is still not available. Now the goddess hearts have found somebody, Eddie Peng Mrs.right are still looking for. Chen Kun: walking is one of the ten unsolved Department of abstinence male god entertainment mystery: "who is the son of Chen Kun’s mother?" Can not blame everyone curious, because Chen Kun’s son is no warning, suddenly appeared in the field of vision. In Chen Kun’s book "suddenly went to Tibet" had this description: "9 years ago, he came to this world, I’m not ready, in my home in Chongqing, when my mother holding the little meat lump of something in my face, my mind is Mongolia the empty……" This book was written in 2011 by Chen Kun. But the child’s mother has been a mystery, Chen Kun has been low-key little lace news, only a few CP screen Dong Jie, Xun Zhou also have their own happiness, after Li Ronghao Li Ronghao, however minute openly girlfriend. Looks like there are white cite Gang? Fans are enough. I do not know when to have the age of 40 Chen Kun can find their other half. Baron Chen: the two dimension noble prince ye give up billions of dollars of net worth or entertainment, have a strong family background is obsessed with the two dimension, all kinds of contrast are reflected in Baron Chen’s adorable. As a friend of Jay Chou, Baron Chen has been appointed as Jay Chou MV, "I love you" was decreed by fate, "love" and other man idol drama has a wonderful performance, sultry level is not lost "renge". And now Jay Chou’s daughter has been born, but still not the end of the feelings of her friends, but can not help but let the fans for him to worry about doing it in the first place of the world. He said: "Baron Chen". Called the "Taiwan Wang Sicong" Baron Chen, is one of Taiwan famous families "princelings", the father is the spiritual leader of Taiwan bamboo Union, Grandpa Chen Zhong is the magistrate, grandma is a court clerk, "both the" background of achievement is not the same as him, love of two yuan, and Ancient Chinese Literature Search foundation, overbearing personality yet gentle, called Taiwan "golden Bachelor" in the leader, Baron Chen also participated in the homemade mango TV dream down God love real reality show "gold – Bachelor" program, want to find a love. In the show, he will date 25 singles and eventually find his Miss.Ri相关的主题文章:

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