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The 64 year old veterans to take care of paralyzed villagers 11 years   on time every day meal — Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: take care of paralyzed man 11 years in September 27th, rainy, 64 year old veteran Cui Shenwang slightly bent body rush in the rain will wet his clothes. Regardless of wind and rain is very cold, every day he will return in this country road on twice, Yin Wang sent as neither relative nor friend two meals a day. He could not remember how many times, only to know that this is the 11 year. 11 years, more than 8000 meals, Cui Shenwang no complaints. "Give him to me, when I come to his full-time nanny in 1952, Cui Shenwang was born in the Yuyang river fish Fish River Mao Mao Zhen Village in Yulin City, a peasant family. The winter of 1970, the 18 year old Cui Shenwang went to Xinjiang, in 1976, he took two awards from home. However, because the file is missing, Cui Shenwang arranged no formal work, the years of life more difficult, the original itself strong he was suffering from atrophic gastritis, periarthritis of shoulder. In October 2005, the Fish River hilly town government to find Cui Shenwang, let him take care of Si Cun Yin Jia Mao Zhen River fish paralysis of the middle-aged man Yin Maiwang. Cui Shenwang from the government staff say that Wang Yin is in a coal mine in Shanxi mine when he was injured and paralyzed, unattended, eating and sleeping in bed. I heard Wang Yin as fatherless, and he also had had a tough life, Cui Shenwang agreed. "The Yin Wang to me, when I come to his full-time nanny." This is Cui Shenwang’s commitment at that time, this commitment is the 11 spring and autumn. At that time a lot of people advised him to donate something on the line, why their involvement. Cui Shenwang did not hesitate to take on responsibility, take care of the Yin wang. It is understood that the Fish River Mao town government to take care of Yin Maiwang for the convenience of Cui Shenwang, later in Cui Shenwang where the Fish River hilly village rented houses. The Fish River town Party committee deputy secretary Mao said Fu Jiping, also considered Yin Wang will be sent to the orphanage, but his mobility, decided to let Cui Shenwang continue to take care of. In view of the fact that Cui Shenwang had atrophic gastritis, no ability to work, children are still in school and so on, the local government gave him a monthly 700 yuan as the Yin Wang meals and nursing fee. Wife: Although subsidies rarely, but I support his wife yesterday morning at 9:30 pm, China Daily reporter came to the Fish River Fish River Mao Zhen Mao Cun Cui Shenwang Jia, Cui Shenwang and his wife Xie Cuiru is cooking. The 64 year old Cui Shenwang face the vicissitudes of life, but shows perseverance. He has 3 hole cave, the hospital also planted all kinds of vegetables, the day is not very rich. Cui Shenwang said: "although we are very difficult, but compared to Wang more pathetic, and my family also support me to do so." Just 10 am, Xie Cuiru has done a good meal, urging Cui to hurry to send rice. "Wang is indeed poor, young out of such accidents, paralyzed in bed no one to take care of. Although very little government subsidies, but I still support his wife to take care of wang." Xie Cuiru said. Would rather suffer, to take care of Wang Yin, Cui Shenwang often told)相关的主题文章:

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