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Web-Development With economic crisis causing massive layoffs, web-developers started to look for freelance work. Despite the cruelty of economic downturn, online business emerged on mainstream as a booming industry. Suffice to state that web development is one technical part of online business thats been in constant demand. Being a successfully freelancer myself, I am jotting down a list of 5 most sought-after skills that are in the highest demand for web developers. Technical experts adept in these skills are likely to find themselves in great positions. Framework Knowledge: Frameworks are reshaping the online business by be.ing an integral part of web development. With the use of Rails, Django, and other MVC frameworks in a flash, web-builders realized that these tools help build websites much faster thereby saving both experts and clients quality time. The knowledge of frameworks is of paramount significance when it .es to preventing repetitive tasks. Give a whole new dimension to your skill set by learning such top frameworks as Rails, Django, CakePHP, Symfony, and a few others. Widget Development: The recent years have seen widgets adding more to the web development industry. Every web start-up considers the addition of widgets to their business plans, for turning the data more interactive, viral and portable. In addition, these value-added features also help in driving more traffic towards a website whilst making it more noticeable amongst readers and in search engines. Custom CMS Themes: The meteoric rise to fame of CMS like WordPress and Drupal has forced developers to be.e proficient in the art of creating and customizing CMS themes. Facebook/Twitter Applications: With a progressive demand of platforms like Facebook/Twitter for social interactivity a whole new industry for web development has been discovered. This, as a result, caused hundreds of applications to be added to the websites all of a sudden. The social media application platforms have happened to be extremely popular for being potentially profitable. Iphone Applications: Like the social media apps, iPhone applications are lucrative. Get yourself familiar with the knowledge of iPhone Application development as it unarguably is amongst the most sought-after skills for any developer. Making an iPhone application thats .patible with Apple platform guarantees to bring in more downloads and bigger money. Learning the aforementioned skills is of huge importance to expand your skill set. Know the latest techniques of web development in order to draw more work as a freelancer. Take out time to learn new skills and turn yourself into an updated web developer! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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