Getting Reluctant Youth Involved In Volunteering With Gloria Sue Sutton-姉summer

Self-Improvement Gloria Sue Sutton has been volunteering with a multitude of organizations in the Houston area for decades, and loves meeting young people who want to get involved in community service. For some youth, however, volunteering is merely a requirement through a school, church, or club that they belong to, and they may not be quite as invested in serving others. Gloria Sue Sutton advises the following for kids and teens who are less than excited about volunteering. Look at Interests and Skills Some young people may be reluctant to start volunteering because they think it will be boring – and in some cases, volunteering can be boring for young people. After all, what 13-year-old wants to sort papers in a non-profit office? Get youth talking about their interests to find out where they would like to volunteer. If they like sports, perhaps they could help out with a team for young children; if they like art, they could assist at a museum or theater. Be a Role Model Youth are far more likely to volunteer if they see others do it, so make sure to volunteer yourself if you want the young people in your life to donate their time to the community. Depending on the dynamics of your individual family, it could be wise to make it a group effort. For youth who think volunteering with their family might be uncool, simply volunteer on your own to set the bar. Get Friends Involved Youth tend to be very social creatures, so getting a big group together to volunteer together can increase motivation. This can get youth in the habit of volunteering, and show them that helping others doesnt have to be a chore, but rather a fun activity. Sports teams, after school groups, and church groups are all good platforms to launch an afternoon of volunteering from. Focus on Future Impact of Volunteering Sometimes, to get started, it can be important to focus on what volunteering can do for the young person in question. Remind teens that colleges and jobs love to see volunteer work on resumes and applications, and that a little work now can go a long way in the future. Let them know, too, that volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to network with people who may be able to help them secure a job in the future. For more information on getting youth involved in volunteering, take a look at the following online resources: 相关的主题文章:

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