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UnCategorized When opting for a medical coding career, the best way to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous .panies posing as legitimate schools, and ensure a successful career in your chosen field is to enroll in one of the US Department of Education-recognized accredited medical coding schools. By the year 2016, the fast-growing healthcare industry is expected to have generated at least 3 million new jobs including positions for medical coders. However, as in all successful industries, opportunists waiting for chances to scam, proliferate in the field of healthcare education. Students are therefore advised not to fall prey to the quick-fix promises these .panies offer and instead deal only with duly-accredited educational institutions. Heeding this advice will save them time and hard-earned money. Following are some tips and answers to frequently asked questions on accredited schools and courses on medical coding. *What are accredited medical coding schools? – These are schools that meet the high educational and ethical standards set by certifying agencies. The accreditation process is voluntarily initiated by the applying institution. The school’s educational processes and practices are then evaluated and rated. Once approved, the institution will carry an accredited status from 3 to 8 years, depending on the accrediting agency, after which, accreditation is again sought. *What should you look for in an accredited school? – Aside from the course prospectus, obtain information on the institution’s accreditation. Find out the accreditation process the school underwent. There are several agencies authorized and recognized to give accreditation. To find out if your school is accredited by one, you may inquire with the US Department of Education. *Why is it important to attend an accredited institution? – An accredited status is a guarantee on the quality of education the school provides. Likewise, graduates from accredited schools have an advantage in the job market because most employers consider this in the pre-employment screening process. For those planning to pursue higher education, it must be noted that some post-graduate schools may not credit the courses taken from a non-accredited institution. *What are the types of accredited schools? – Accredited medical coding schools may offer online education, regular on-campus classes or both. Online courses offer the advantage of flexibility and convenience specifically for students who hold day jobs and have no time to attend classes inside the classroom. It allows students to .plete the course at home and at their own pace. However, taking online classes requires a lot of discipline to cover a lot of topics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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