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Marketing Booklets: One of the best tools for marketing and advertising or marketing your products and services is through booklet printing. Booklets are used for many kinds of projects such as sales materials, reports, manuals and catalogues are just a few of the ways you can use booklet printing to ac.plish your marketing and advertising needs. Calendars: Now a days business firms were using these calendars as an effective tool to promote their business. Calendar printing is one of the forms of attraction which makes a .pany to increase their goodwill. Calendar printing lets you hang with your customer"s for 365 days. There are many advantages a business will get on using these calendars. Calendars are used everywhere (Dates are important for everyone).Calendar designs can be a great way to express your business through art and design. Similarly cost for printing a calendar is very cheap when .pared to other mediums of advertisement. People love gifts. Many people love calendars as gift. Calendars will market your business for a full twelve months. Cards: One of the most powerful and simple ways to retain customers is through reinforcement of your brand. Most people cannot afford mass advertising as they are costly to implement, whereas business greetings are cheaper and affordable by anyone. Printing a custom greeting card will make you to keep in touch with customer personally. Catalogs: Raising fund for a charity or cause is not an easy task. Marketing efforts must maintain a equilibrium between a low budget and enough publicity to bring in needed donations. Catalog printing and direct mail booklet printing are the two marketing tools from which any non-profit organisation can use efficiently. Envelopes: Many business .panies send information through envelops, whenever you send something to your customers, one should use a professional touch by using custom envelope printing. Custom envelope printing includes .pany logo and some details about the .pany .A custom printed envelope enhance goodwill and also reinforces .panies brand image. Business people/ .panies use envelops for various purposes. Flyers: Flyers are typically used by individuals or businesses or organisations to promote their products or services. They are a form of direct marketing or mass marketing or small scale, .munity .munication. These flyers are distributed out on the street or other public place or they may be posted on notice boards found on college campuses, cafes, .munity centres, Laundromats, and small markets or given away at events. This activity is known as flyering or leafleting. Letter head: A letterhead is the heading (.pany name or logo) at the top of a sheet of letter paper. Letterheads usually consist of a name and an address, and a .pany logo or corporate design, and sometimes a background. .pany"s receipts, invoices, or any formal correspondence should always be printed on .pany letterheads so your customers will know that who sent them a letter. Newsletters: Newsletters are those regularly distributed material which focus on some topic which has interest among subscribers .Newsletters are a great and cheaper way to spread the information about one"s business, services, products and people. Depending on the content and requirement, newsletters can be published monthly, quarterly or yearly. In case , if you don"t have content for monthly newsletter then you Consider printing a holiday newsletter, which is always a great and better way to .municate Special offers, events and discount offers to your customers. Notepads: Notepad is a useful handy tool used by the .panies for promotion purpose by gifting to its customer. Usually notepad contains the name, address and logo of the .pany. So it is a cheaper and easier way of advertisement. It can be simple design and it should not contain too many information of the .pany, we should remember that we are giving .plement to the customer. Posters: A poster is designed to be attractive and also conveys some message. Posters are used for many purposes, but they are mostly used for advertising a business or product/services. Poster printing is one of the fastest methods of reaching a large target market. Poster printing is one of the powerful marketing tools. With quality poster printing, mass advertising is made easy at cheaper price. Table tents: Table tents are one of the effective and best ways to promote the business. These are used in bars, restaurants, hotels, conferences and other related place to promote the business. These table tents put your ads right in front of your customers. Table tents are one of the forms of direct marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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