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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Curious George- the monkey is extremely popular among kids in the world. The story books of Curious George narrating his journey from his home to Africa are also extremely popular among kids. The books are available in various languages and they are famous all over the world with kids because of the interesting stories narrated in a fun way. After the books, the games were launched and became an instant hit among kids and adults alike. This naughty but lovable monkey has been able to make a position in the hearts of people all around the world. The video game of Curious George was released in the year 2006 during the month of February and makes one of the best Curious George games. There are so many interesting Curious George games which can keep the kids hooked on to them. Your kid will definitely love one game or the other. One game which shares half of Georges name is Curious About Counting? So many different types of colorful fruits make up this game. Bouncy beach balls, delicious bananas, shiny red balloons are all there present in the game. This is a nice game for kids to learn counting. This is a fun way to count the fruits and balls which can make kids learn. This interactive game can be played with George himself which makes it more fun. Curious Day is a fantastic game which promotes reading and love of books in children. This game can be hosted in library, school or bookstore. Sleepy Maze is a fun game with George by helping him to reach his bed. George is feeling sleepy and you will have to guide him to reach his bed at bedtime. Connect the Dots is another fun game with George. Connect the dots and create a structure with Curious George. Crossword Puzzle is extremely interesting for kids. There will be various questions on Curious George which the kids can solve and find out the correct words. Guess the words from the cues given and .plete the puzzle. Word Scramble is an interesting game where the kids can learn new words from the Curious George stories. Unscramble and make proper words from the jumbled letters and have fun making them. The words are from the storybooks itself. Curious About Math is a fun way to learn how to do sums. Kids can add, subtract, multiply and divide with George. There are colorful pictures with which the kids can learn to count and do small sums. Learning maths is fun with this game. Learn opposite words with Curious Georges Opposites. Fill in the blanks under each picture and learn the word. The pictures are beautiful with naughty George and his stunts. There are other Curious George games that can be quite interesting for kids. For instance, Double Vision is quite an interesting game where the kids will have to find differences in two pictures which are apparently the same. Finding out differences is fun and the more differences the more fun it is. Curious George Maze is another puzzle game where you will have to find a way out of the jungle. Find out the way to the banana and .plete the game. The Happy Birthday game is another interesting one where the entire jungle is celebrating birthday. Curious About Spelling is another game which can be played by your kids to be able to learn words. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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