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UnCategorized With growing concern over the spread of illness and bacteria, as well as the increasing presence of touch-free technology in public restrooms, installing automatic hand dryers has be.e a smart choice for businesses that wish to keep people and the environment safe while cutting costs. Many business and facility managers may assume that the cost of installing and maintaining electric hand dryers far outweigh the benefits, leading them to stick with traditional paper towel dispensers. However, there are many advantages of installing automatic hand dryers, including sanitation purposes, sustainability and reduced costs. Read on to learn why automatic hand dryers are the right choice for safer and more cost-effective public restrooms. Stay Clean and Dry: While the importance of properly washing hands is often heavily stressed in schools and offices, many people fail to realize that properly drying hands can be just as crucial to reducing the spread of bacteria. Germs are more likely so spread through damp hands than they are through hands that have been .pletely dried, so a quick dry on the jeans after rinsing is usually insufficient in keeping hands sanitary. Public restrooms that experience high traffic can run out of paper towels quickly, leading people to skip the hand-drying process altogether. Automatic hand dryers last long and dry hands thoroughly, and touch-free technology allows patrons to dry their hands without touching other bacteria-laden surfaces. Hand Dryers and Sustainability: Automatic hand dryers provide a sustainable solution for businesses that wish to reduce their carbon footprint. Paper towels may be made with recycled materials, but used paper towels are not recyclable. Installing hand dryers in public restrooms helps to reduce the waste that accumulates from used paper towels, and also reduces the energy and fuel required to produce, ship and store paper towels. Hand dryers last for years and require little maintenance, and with energy-efficient features that help to save energy during use, they are the most sustainable solution when .pared to traditional paper towel and cloth dispensers. Cut Costs with Hand Dryers: The cost of maintaining and refilling paper towel dispensers in public restrooms can add up. In addition to the cost of paper towel materials, you also have to pay for frequent shipments, workers to maintain and refill the dispensers, additional garbage bags for the extra waste, more cleaning products to clear away paper towels from floors and countertops, and other hidden costs that would not apply to automatic hand dryers. Electric hand dryers last long, and the cost of maintenance is small .pared to that of paper towels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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