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"Once released   an era" Kunlun Sheng Kai – Huarun global plan of Liaoning channel — people.com.cn according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, human needs like stairs from low to high into six kinds, respectively is: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self realization needs and superego. The theory refers to the macro demand level of human society, and applies to people’s dream of living, the theory is also applicable. Chinese people have always been concerned about the quality of living and living. From the "cottage broken" to autumn "live and work" to "put life into poetry", are not difficult to see Chinese for a delicate life. Basic necessities of life, especially "living", have risen to the same level as career and life. Ten years of craftsman mentality, starting from zero. Review of Huarun into Shen ten years, from Triumphal Arch to Mukden in nine, a building defined Shenyang quality residential standards; the Mixc, Vientiane Department of a landmark buildings, the people of Shenyang become the symbol of enhancing the quality of life. Huarun center effect drawing exquisite, excelsior. Adhering to the concept of craftsmen, Huarun land opened a high standard of living in Shenyang era, creating a pursuit of the ultimate life of the model community. One release, one age. In October 13th, Huarun launched the Kunlun plan for global release. The unveiling of the "Kunlun plan" represents the first step in Huarun’s next era of residential housing. Press conference starts from the location of Huarun Kunlun Royal project. The clock back in early March, Shenyang rare in recent years, the 68 round of the auction, amazing generous 885 million, let three table subway, people such as weaving, the convergence of clouds, coexistence of feelings and value of the treasure, Huarun branded with the mark. Only such a golden land, to take up the responsibility of "Kunlun plan" landing in Shenyang, in order to match the Huarun is committed to meet the people living deep pursuit of the vision. In the eyes of the world, Kunlun is the height, in the eyes of the residents, Kunlun for quality endorsement. Back to the conference site, mighty power to dance, stage visual way to show the profound meaning of Kunlun spirit; wonderful interpretation of sand painting master, let us enjoy a mix of art and architecture, but also show a seamless heavenly robe, the ideal place for people’s pursuit of great momentum; the "Ode of Kunlun". To show the most incisive Kunlun spirit and height. Kunlun plans to bring the art of life is always not to follow the beaten track. It is the fundamental task of the Kunlun plan to lead the housing reform and upgrade the living life of an era. As one of the landing products of Kunlun plan, Kunlun home has achieved a comprehensive upgrade from four dimensions of planning, garden, space and service. The planning will upgrade, space layout, elevation and entrance ceremony ceremony as a core content of upgrading; landscape upgrade, to create the concept of humanity and three landscapes, the interpretation of life thought taste in the new era; space upgrade, apartment layout + life + life, health, smart living, storage life + + + and fine life is a total of five systems, and work for the owners to provide a more comfortable living space. Not only on the hardware? A building made of a craftsman must have top class clothes “一次发布 一个时代”华润崑崙计划全球盛启–辽宁频道–人民网 根据马斯洛需求层次理论,人类需求像阶梯一样从低到高分为六种,分别是:生理需求、安全需求、社交需求、尊重需求、自我实现和超我需求。该理论泛指了人类社会的宏观需求层次,如果运用到人们的居住梦想上,该理论也同样适用。 中国人历来关注居住与生活的品质。从“茅屋为秋风所破”到“安居而乐业”再到“把日子过成诗”,都不难看出中国人对于关于精致生活的向往。衣食住行尤其是“住”,已经上升到与事业、人生同等重要的层面。 十年匠心路,从零再出发。回顾华润入沈十年来,从凯旋门到奉天九里,一座座建筑定义了沈阳优质住宅的标准;万象城、万象汇一个个地标性建筑拔地而起,成为沈阳人生活品质提升的象征。 华润中心效果图 精雕细琢,精益求精。秉承着匠造理念,华润置地开启了沈阳高标准的人居时代,打造了追求极致生活的典范社区。 一次发布,一个时代。10月13日,华润公开启动了面向全球发布的崑崙计划。“崑崙计划”的揭幕,象征着华润向下一个时代人居住宅迈出的第一步。 发布会从华润崑崙御项目的区位开始说起。时钟拨回到早春三月,沈阳近年来罕见的68轮拍卖,8.85亿的惊人手笔,让三台子地铁口,这个人流如织、辐辏如云,情怀与价值并存的宝地,烙上了华润的印记。唯有这样的黄金地块,才能承担起“崑崙计划”的落地沈阳的重任, 才能匹配华润致力于满足人们对生活深层次追求的愿景。 在世人眼中,崑崙是高度,在居住者眼中,崑崙为品质代言。 拉回到发布会现场,劲力十足的力量舞蹈,以舞台视觉的方式展现着“崑崙精神”的深刻寓意;沙画大师的精彩演绎,让我们欣赏了一场艺术与建筑天衣无缝的配合,也展示着人们对于理想居所的追求与向往;气势磅礴的《崑崙赋》,淋漓尽致地展现崑崙的气韵与高度。崑崙计划为大家带来的亦是永远不落窠臼的生活艺术。引领住宅变革,升级一个时代的人居生活,是崑崙计划的根本任务。 活动现场图 崑崙家作为崑崙计划的落地产品之一,从规划、园林、空间和服务四个维度实现了全方位升级。规划升级,将空间布局、立面仪式和入户仪式作为升级的核心内容;园林升级,以人性化的理念和三大景观组团的打造,诠释新时代的生活思想品味;空间升级,户型+生活、智能+生活、健康+生活、收纳+生活和精细+生活共五大系统,携手为业主提供更为舒适的生活空间。 岂止于硬件?匠造的建筑,必须有顶级的服务才能相得益彰。服务也是崑崙计划重要的组成部分之一。秉承华润一贯的港式服务标准,华润将打造从接待中心,到居家服务的全生态链服务。 十年只是启程,开始向下一站出发。无需站在巨人肩膀,因为华润已是巨人。美轮美奂的建筑是回报这块土地最好的方法。下一个时代,由崑崙计划开始,华润仍将毫无保留地把匠人匠心匠魂全部倾注在了这片她热爱的土地上;有华润参与的人生,必将是更美好的未来。 (责编:汤龙、孝媛)相关的主题文章:

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