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Yongzhou two men kick shop door theft property only because there is no money online original title: just because there is no money online, Qiyang two men kick shop door theft property, red net Qiyang in October 24th because of the capsule shy, no money online, Hunan Qiyang two men actually kicked shop door, burglary. In October 22nd, the man Liu was given administrative detention by the public security organs for 10 days. The man was also detained by the public security organs on suspicion of another case. At 9 a.m. on September 5th, police officers at the Minsheng Road police station of Qiyang county were interviewed by Ms. Wu, who was accused of being robbed of a snack bar in a market in the county town, and was robbed of cash and cigarettes. The police conducted a survey of the site, and through Mopai investigation that Liu major crime suspects live in Wu Xi Zhen Hong Keung street. When the police summoned them according to law, they found that they had fled. In October 22nd, after the police investigation, the night in the county of an Internet cafe, will be on the Internet Liu and his associates Dengmou arrested. The investigation, Liu and Deng are "netheads". Suffering from no money on the Internet, two people will steal partnership. September 5th at 2 pm, Liu and Deng flees to the county in a market in a snack bar, with the feet kicking down the door, entered the shop theft of cash and furongwang cigarettes, such as areca, involving the value of more than 800 yuan. (red net correspondent Li Huisheng) recommend Video: Yongzhou "good hearted" man to help the elderly operating ATM secretly transferred to the card pension

永州两男子踹开店门盗窃财物 只因没钱上网  原标题:只因没钱上网 祁阳两男子踹开店门盗窃财物 红网祁阳10月24日讯 因囊中羞涩,没钱上网,湖南祁阳两男子竟踹开店门,入室盗窃。10月22日,男子刘某被公安机关予以行政拘留10天,男子邓某还因涉嫌另一案件,已被公安机关刑事拘留。  9月5日上午9时许,祁阳县公安局民生路派出所值班民警接吴女士报警,称其位于县城某市场内的小吃店被撬,现金和香烟被盗。民警对现场进行了勘查,并通过摸排调查得知,家住浯溪镇康强街的刘某有重大作案嫌疑。民警依法对其进行传唤时,发现其已外逃。  10月22日,民警经过追踪调查,当晚在县城一网吧内,将正在上网的刘某及其同伙邓某抓获。经查,刘某与邓某都是“网虫”。苦于无钱上网,两人便合伙盗窃。9月5日凌晨2时许,刘某和邓某窜至县城某市场内的小吃店,用脚将门踹开,进入店内盗窃现金及芙蓉王香烟、槟榔等物,涉案价值为800余元。(红网 通讯员 李会生)推荐视频: 永州“好心”男子帮老人操作ATM机 偷偷转走卡内养老金相关的主题文章:

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