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Whether an ambulance should be immediately diagnosed or injured by an ambulance during an ambulance visit, the ambulance was called out to meet the patient and was stopped by a wounded person at the scene of the accident. At this point, did the patient continue to pick up the patient who had already received the accident or to rescue the wounded before the accident? In August this year, Renshou People’s Hospital ambulance encountered such a problem. According to the survey of the county health department, the Renshou People’s Hospital ambulance visits renshoucounty Wen Gong Zhen was the scene of a car accident on the way, the victim stopped, the ambulance stop start emergency treatment, and shall report to the 120 command center, the command center to send a rescue team to the scene of the accident to have Wen gong. Chengdu Business Daily reporter found on the Internet, due to ambulances change ambulance object accident occurred in the country from time to time. According to China’s pre hospital medical emergency management measures, emergency centers (stations) and emergency network hospitals should be transferred to medical institutions for treatment according to the principle of proximity, urgency, meeting the professional needs and taking into account the wishes of patients. However, when the relevant provisions of emergency situations and how to deal with the reporter did not find the ambulance call in Chengdu, a city hospital emergency department director told reporters that the ambulance on his way home, met another rescue, is the implementation of the original rescue plan or to stop the on-site rescue, there really is no clear requirements and regulations. Chengdu Second People’s hospital emergency department medical staff introduction, usually, with the other party agreed to send a car to rescue people, dispatched vehicles and medical personnel must arrive at the designated scene rescue, midway can not arbitrarily change the place. But in the halfway people were injured, it should be judged according to the situation, "is a continuation of the original rescue plan, and notify the command center to deploy ambulances to the scene, the other is the first stop to rescue, and report to the 120 command center, the deployment of additional ambulances to the scene." But the reality is that it’s hard to tell which side is more urgent. "In this case, the injured person on the way is in front of you, and in humanitarian terms, immediate treatment is necessary."." Chengdu City Fifth People’s hospital emergency department director said, "really rarely encountered such things, really encountered, can only be flexible." Chengdu Daily reporter Lu at the loading… Today because of a dispute quick assessment: hospital refused to man visits medical illness where? Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original text, just for extended reading

救护车出诊途中遇伤者 是否该立即诊治引争议救护车出诊接病人,途中被一起车祸现场的伤者拦下求救,此时究竟是继续去接本来该接的病人,还是紧急情况下先救车祸伤员?今年8月,仁寿县人民医院的救护车就遇到了这样的难题。根据仁寿县卫生部门的调查,当日仁寿县人民医院救护车在出诊仁寿县文宫镇途中,被一起车祸现场的求救者拦下,救护车停下展开紧急救治,并将情况向仁寿县120指挥中心进行汇报,指挥中心改派了本来前往车祸现场的另一支救护队伍前往文宫。成都商报记者在网上查询发现,因救护车更改救护对象出现事故的案例在全国时有发生。根据我国《院前医疗急救管理办法》规定,急救中心(站)和急救网络医院应当按照就近、就急、满足专业需要、兼顾患者意愿的原则,将患者转运至医疗机构救治。不过,记者没有找到救护车出诊过程中遇到突发情况该如何处理的相关条文,成都一家市级医院急诊科主任向记者透露,救护车出诊途中,遇到另一起救援时,是该执行原有救援计划还是该停下来就地救援,目前确实还没有明确的要求和规定。成都市第二人民医院急诊科医护人员介绍,通常情况下,与对方约定出车救人,出动的车辆和医护人员必须到达指定的现场抢救,中途不能随意更换地点。但在中途遇到有人受伤,则应该根据情况来判断,“一是继续执行原有救援计划,并通知指挥中心调派救护车到现场救人,另一种是先停下来救援,并向120指挥中心汇报情况,调派另外的救护车前往现场。”但现实的情况是,很难判断到底哪一边更紧急,“在这种情况下,途中遇到的伤者是你眼前看得到的,从人道主义上来说,应该立即进行救治。”成都市第五人民医院急诊科主任称,“确实很少遇到这样的事情,真的遇到了,只能灵活处理。”成都商报记者 逯望一加载中… 今日快评:因有纠纷医院拒为急病男子出诊 医德何在? 编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读相关的主题文章:

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