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The final vote is the dedication of outstanding teachers of rural teachers (map) original title: the final vote was "excellent teacher Qin Feng China Youth Daily" (02 2016 15 August 10) near the end of the period, the school organization of all teachers to vote, choose this semester teacher model, outstanding teachers and pacesetter. After the votes were collected, the school finished the statistics quickly and announced the results on the spot. It is understood that other schools are also generally used this way. Although the shortcut, but I think this way inappropriate. First of all, this approach can easily lead to mutual help between teachers, contradictions between teachers, is not conducive to unity. In order to select the best, some teachers will try their best to draw colleagues, engage in relations, strive for votes, so that the spread of unhealthy practices in the campus. Once the teacher has put his mind into the relationship, he will put the cart before the horse and become more and more distant from the real excellence. Secondly, sometimes, voting does not really select the best teachers in mind. Some teachers think: he worked hard to educate their children, wholeheartedly in the work, but also as usual walk between each other more direct and effective, the results of some excellent teachers cannot be selected unknown to the public. Sometimes, there will be two teachers vote and vote must be re – embarrassing situation, so that teachers are prone to contradictions and misunderstandings. The author noticed that, after the vote, teachers always talk about voting in private, and even some teachers ignore each other. The final selection of outstanding is a serious work, the school should be fair and open and transparent principles, combined with more teachers daily job performance and comprehensive selection. It is unfair to work hard for a semester and evaluate a teacher’s work with a single vote. The author suggested that the school final selection of outstanding teachers should combine at Teachers’ performance, strengthen the quantitative assessment efforts in peacetime teaching, establish a comprehensive performance record, the teachers participating in the training, demonstration lessons, lessons, and homework, home school links, dedication and eleven quantitative assessment with routine business so, the selected results will certainly let everyone convinced. In addition, the excellent teachers at the end of the school should also make students and parents representatives to participate in the more convincing. The work of teachers is more usual in the classroom, in front of students to be tested, therefore, the idea of a good teacher, the students always have the right to speak. Editor in chief: Li Qing SN219

期末投票选优秀教师不妥 默默奉献的乡村教师(资料图)   原标题:期末投票选优秀教师不妥   秦峰《中国青年报》(2016年02月15日10版)   临近期末,学校组织全体教师进行投票,选出本学期的模范班主任、优秀教师和师德标兵。选票收上来后,学校很快就统计完毕,并当场宣布评选结果。据了解,其他学校也普遍采用这种方式。虽然快捷,但笔者觉得这种方式不妥。   首先,这种方式很容易导致教师互相拉拢,让教师之间产生矛盾,不利于团结。为了评选优秀,有的教师会想方设法拉拢同事,搞关系,争取选票,让这种不正之风在校园里蔓延。教师一旦把心思用在了拉拢关系上,就会本末倒置,离真正的优秀愈来愈远。   其次,有时,用投票方式并不能真正选出大家心目中的优秀教师。有的教师认为:自己辛辛苦苦教育孩子,一心扑在工作上,却还不如平时互相走走关系更为直接有效,结果是一些默默无闻的优秀教师不能被选出。   有时,投票评选还会出现两位教师票数一样而必须重新投票的尴尬情况,让教师之间很容易产生矛盾误会。笔者注意到,每当投票结束后,教师们总会在私下议论投票的事,甚至出现部分教师之间互相不理不睬的局面。   期末评选优秀是一项严肃的工作,学校应该本着公正公开透明的原则,更多地结合教师平时的工作表现来综合评选。辛苦工作一学期,最后用简单的一张选票评价教师的工作,的确有失公允。   笔者建议,学校期末评选优秀教师应该多结合平时教师的表现,加强平时教学的量化考核力度,建立综合表现的档案记录,将教师在参加培训,上示范课,备课,以及作业批改,家校联系,爱岗敬业等方面一一量化,用常规业务进行考核,这样评选出来的结果肯定会让大家信服。   另外,学校期末评选优秀教师也应该让学生代表和家长代表参与才能更具说服力。教师平日的工作情况更多地是在课堂上、在学生面前得到检验,因此,对于心目中的好老师,学生是最有发言权的。   (作者为基层教师) 责任编辑:李清 SN219相关的主题文章:

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