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Beijing court awarded Ma Caiyun the honorary title of the original title: model judge court system today awarded Ma Caiyun "Beijing City judge model judge the honorary title of" Beijing News News (reporter Wang Wei) according to the Beijing High Court news, the Beijing High Court and Beijing city human resources and Social Security Bureau decided to posthumously Ma Caiyun "Beijing model judge" honor the title. 3 days ago, the Changping court judges Ma Caiyun who was shot dead at home. The court said that the evening of February 26th at 9:30 pm, two gunmen stormed the horse cloud judge intention attack, after judge Ma Caiyun failed to stop, one of the gangsters armed to judge Ma Caiyun’s husband Li Fusheng (Changping court bailiff) shooting, but the gun didn’t ring. Judge Ma Caiyun is aware of the extreme danger of two criminals, in order to maintain the safety of the people, to protect innocent people hurt, regardless of personal danger in the critical moment, fighting with the gunmen courageously, the body of two gun after the heroic sacrifice, sacrificed their precious lives, only 38 years old. Judge Ma Caiyun from independent investigators has concluded a total of nearly 3000 pieces of various types of civil cases, the average closed nearly 400, obtained the parties presented a banner number 10 and has been awarded the title of outstanding individual civil servants and the political and legal system, won the individual three 3, selected for the Beijing municipal Committee and ten Baiqian engineering talent. It is reported that the Changping District court of Beijing has been to the District, municipal government declared Ma Caiyun as a martyr. City High Court party decided to carry out learning from Comrade Ma Caiyun in the court within the scope of activities. For the further recognition of the advanced deeds of Comrade Ma Caiyun and lofty spirit, the Beijing High Court and Beijing city human resources and Social Security Bureau jointly decided that Comrade Ma Caiyun posthumously awarded the "Beijing city model judge honor.   Editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146 北京法院系统追授马彩云模范法官荣誉称号   原标题:法院系统今天追授马彩云法官“北京市模范法官”荣誉称号   新京报快讯(记者王巍)根据北京市高级法院发布的消息,北京市高院和北京市人力资源和社会保障局决定追授马彩云“北京市模范法官”荣誉称号。3天前,在昌平法院担任法官的马彩云在家中遭歹徒枪击身亡。   高院消息称,2月26日晚9时30分许,两名歹徒持枪闯入马彩云法官家中意图行凶,经马彩云法官制止未果,其中一名歹徒持枪向马彩云法官的丈夫李福生(昌平法院法警)射击,但枪没有响。马彩云法官意识到两名歹徒的极端危险性,为了维护百姓安危,避免无辜群众受到伤害,在危急时刻奋不顾身,与持枪歹徒奋勇搏斗,身中两枪后壮烈牺牲,献出了宝贵的生命,年仅38岁。   马彩云法官自独立办案以来,共审结各类民事案件近3000件,年均结案近400件,获得当事人赠送锦旗数10面并多次被评为优秀公务员及政法系统先进个人称号,荣立个人三等功3次,入选北京市委政法委“十百千”人才工程。   据悉,北京法院的昌平区法院已经向区、市政府申报马彩云为烈士。市高级法院党组决定,在全市法院范围内开展向马彩云同志学习的活动。为进一步表彰马彩云同志的先进事迹和崇高精神,北京市高级法院和北京市人力资源和社会保障局联合决定,追授马彩云同志“北京市模范法官”荣誉称号。   责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章:

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