Obama signed the bill to strengthen sanctions against North Korea to invest tens of millions of radi-foxpro6.0免费下载

Obama signed a bill to strengthen sanctions against North Korea invested millions towards broadcasting – Sohu news BBC reported that U.S. President Barack Obama signed a bill in February 18th, to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, in response to North Korea’s refusal to stop its nuclear program. The bill has been overwhelmingly passed by both houses of congress. Reported that the U.S. sanctions against North Korea is aimed at making it difficult for North Korea to obtain funds, the development of nuclear warheads and long-range missiles. White House spokesman Ernest said the United States hopes that these sanctions will bring more pressure on North korea. According to the provisions of the bill, in addition to sanctions against North Korea, North Korea to assist the development of weapons of mass destruction, to provide arms and brand-name goods, and in violation of human rights and crime networks between individuals and organizations will be subject to sanctions. Sanctions include confiscation of assets, prohibition of entry and termination of government contracts. In addition, the sanctions also include authorizing the government paid $50 million for the next 5 years, communications equipment, on the Korean radio station and funded humanitarian aid program for North korea. Prior to this, the DPRK carried out the fourth nuclear test in January 6th this year, and announced that the first hydrogen bomb test was successfully held. In this regard, the United States Congress in early February, the bill was passed by further sanctions against North Korea, including new terms for cyber crime and refugee assistance. According to VOA news, the United States Congress passed the bill on 12 and submitted it to Obama. The Senate passed the bill by 96 votes, 0 votes, and the house of Representatives passed by 408 votes and 2 votes. Thus, the United States Congress has won the support of most members of the two parties in the sanctions against North korea. BBC pointed out that, unlike previous sanctions act, most of the new measures in the bill are mandatory, but in most cases the president can choose whether to impose sanctions.

奥巴马签署法案加强制裁朝鲜 出资千万对朝广播-搜狐新闻  据BBC报道,美国总统奥巴马2月18日签署法案,加强制裁朝鲜,以回应朝鲜拒绝停止核武计划。该法案此前获得国会参众两院的压倒性通过。  报道称,美国制裁朝鲜的目的是使朝鲜难以取得资金,发展核弹头及远程导弹。白宫发言人欧内斯特表示,美国希望这些制裁措施对朝鲜造成更大的压力。  根据法案规定,除了对朝鲜进行制裁之外,协助朝鲜开发大规模杀伤武器、向其提供军火和名牌商品、与其在侵犯人权和网络犯罪方面有往来的个人和组织也将受到制裁。制裁措施包括没收资产、禁止入境以及终止政府合约等。  此外,制裁措施还包括授权政府出资5000万美元购买通讯设备,用于未来5年对朝鲜的电台广播,以及资助对朝鲜的人道援助计划。  此前,朝鲜于今年1月6日进行了第四次核试验,并宣布第一颗氢弹试验成功举行。对此,美国国会2月初,通过了进一步制裁朝鲜的法案,包括针对网络犯罪和难民援助的新条款。  据美国之音报道,美国国会12日通过法案,并递交给奥巴马签署。参议院以96票赞成0票反对通过这项法案,众议院则以408票赞成2票反对通过。由此可见在美国国会对于制裁朝鲜得到了两党绝大多数议员支持。  BBC指出,与以往的制裁法案不同,新法案中的大部分措施都是强制性实施的,而在通常情况下总统还能选择是否要实施制裁。相关的主题文章:

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