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Wuxi special recruitment of college graduates yesterday held 2229 jobs in Washington (evening news reporter Cai Jiawen, photo) yesterday, the 2016 Wuxi college graduates special recruitment activities held in the city of human resources market. It is reported that the recruitment will be mainly in Wuxi college graduates leaving school in 2016 and the unemployed. The site has a total of 109 companies to provide 2229 jobs, recruitment, to also did not find the job to bring a lot of opportunities for graduates. Yesterday morning at about 9, the recruitment hall crowded up, employers stand in the front row, interview discussion area filled with people. The reporters found that some graduate students also came to inquire about the next market. He is eager to graduate job, while thirsty employers have dished out the olive branch. According to statistics, the relevant positions of the recruitment will cover business management, sales, logistics and Administration for the employment of college graduates, attracted more than 2700 job seekers admission employment, the employment reached a preliminary intention of more than 800 people. The scene in addition to the establishment of employment outside the region, the city center, talent center, vocational training center, training center and other units, but also provide employment policy advice and solutions for college graduates. According to the city people club bureau responsible person, in order to help college graduates employment as soon as possible, take the initiative to provide employment services for college graduates last month, the community sector within the city to carry out the employment of college graduates leave school name system investigation. The investigation of the employment of college graduates leave school 6870 people. The results show that as of this month, more than 4321 people in employment, other conditions (the army, education etc.) the number of 1676 people, the employment rate of 86.26%. At present, the city community sector will put the employment of college graduates leave school before the end of the Follow-Up Services as an important work, carry out policy advice, job recommendation, employment service into the campus, to carry out targeted occupation guidance, occupation training, entrepreneurship training, job training, job promotion, employment assistance and other employment services to achieve precision, service, so that the needs in employment services personnel 100% enjoy the service, to achieve before the end of Wuxi college graduates overall employment rate of 92%. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original monthly twelve thousand Recruitment "code division" of more than 2000 applicants to apply for

无锡高校毕业生专场招聘会昨举办 提供2229个岗位本报讯(晚报记者蔡佳 文、摄)昨天,2016届无锡籍高校毕业生专场招聘活动在市人力资源市场举办。据悉,本次招聘会主要针对2016年离校且未就业的无锡籍高校毕业生。现场共有109家企业前来揽才,提供2229个岗位,给还没找到工作的毕业生带来大量机会。昨天上午9点左右,招聘大厅内人头攒动,用人单位展台前排起长队,面试洽谈区也坐满了人。记者发现,一些明年毕业的学生也前来打探行情。一边是急于求职的毕业生,一边是求才若渴的用人单位纷纷抛出橄榄枝。据统计,本次招聘会涵盖了经营管理类、销售类、行政后勤类等适合高校毕业生就业的相关岗位,吸引了2700余名求职者入场求职,其中,初步达成就业意向800余人。现场除设立求职招聘区外,市就管中心、人才中心、职培中心、高训中心等单位,还为高校毕业生提供了就业创业政策咨询和解答。据市人社局相关负责人介绍,为帮助高校毕业生尽快实现就业,主动为高校毕业生提供就业创业服务,上月起,人社部门在全市范围内开展了离校未就业高校毕业生实名制调查工作。此次共调查离校未就业高校毕业生6870人,结果显示,截至本月中旬,已有4321人实现就业,其他情况(参军、升学等)人数1676人,就业率达86.26%。目前市人社部门将把离校未就业高校毕业生的后续服务作为年底前一项重要工作,深入开展政策咨询、岗位推荐、就业创业服务进校园等,有针对性地开展职业指导、职业培训、创业培训、就业见习、岗位推介、就业援助等就业创业服务,实现精准服务,做到有就业服务需求人员100%享受服务,实现年底前无锡高校毕业生总体就业率92%以上。扩展视频:与原文无关 月薪一万二招聘“打码师”2000多名应聘者应聘相关的主题文章:

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