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The new SUZUKI Feng Yu officially released   other changes – Anhui channel — original title: SUZUKI officially released the new Feng Yu change other car on 30 September, (E Zhichao) the day before, SUZUKI officially released its new SX4 Cross (Chinese market name "Feng Yu") official pictures. The new car will be used as Interim Cash car modification, shortly after the official landing of overseas market, and the market China Feng Yu model is also expected to be subsequently change. The new car in appearance and had a larger change, the front part of the net from the cross bar to bar style, and more intensive. The shape of the headlights has been modified, adding LED headlights and daytime driving lights, and the shape of the lower intake port has become larger. In the interior part, the new change is small, with the latest touch control screen, while using multiple bright black trim instead of black matte cash part of the car. In terms of power, the new model is equipped with 1.4T gasoline and 1.6T diesel two engines, and matching 6 speed manual and automatic transmission. In addition, the car will also launch AllGrip 4WD system, with snow mode and movement mode options. Comments: since 2013 SX4 Cross has been published for more than three years, this medium-term change models seem to have come early. The appearance of the new car has changed a lot, it can be described as a change of style. And domestic models are expected to provide 1.4T and 1.6L two options on the power. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) 铃木新款锋驭正式发布 造型有所变化–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:铃木新款锋驭正式发布 造型有所变化   人民网汽车9月30日电(鄂智超)日前,铃木正式发布了其新款SX4 Cross(中国市场名“锋驭”)的官方图片。新车将作为现款车的中期改款,在不久后正式登陆海外市场,而中国市场上的锋驭车型预计也将随之改款。   新车主要在外观上进行了较大改动,车头部分的中网由横条状改为了竖条样式,且更为密集。大灯的形状有所修改,加入了LED大灯以及日间行车灯,其下部进气口的形状也变得更大。   在内饰部分,新车的变化比较小,加入了最新的触控式中控屏幕,同时采用了多处亮黑色装饰件来替代现款车上的哑光黑色部分。   在动力方面,新款车型搭载了1.4T汽油和1.6T柴油两款发动机,并匹配6速手动和自动变速箱。此外,该车还将推出AllGrip四驱系统,具备雪地模式与运动模式等选项。   点评:自从2013年的SX4 Cross问世已经足有三年多,这款中期改款车型似乎来得已经不算早了。新车在外观上的变化较大,可谓是换了一种风格。而国产车型预计在动力上还将提供1.4T与1.6L两种供选。 (责编:苏恒、张磊)相关的主题文章:

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