Zheng Saisai missed the ball game 1-2 bangdalianke US missed the top 32-若槻ゆうか

Zheng Saisai missed the ball game 1-2 Bondarenko missed the US 32 Zheng Saisai lost to Bondarenko out of Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 1st morning, in the US women’s singles second round match, Zheng Saisai lost 1-2 K- Bondarenko, missed the top 32. Chinese flowers in the second round of the first day of the play out of all three players. Just beat Zheng Saisai in the first round of the Rio Olympic Games women’s singles champion Puig, can be said to feel good. Bondarenko beat Taipei, China’s Xie Shuwei. The first game, the two sides are wrong again and again. Bondarenko took the lead in service, even with broken belt Zheng Saisai, quickly set up the advantages of 5-0. But then Bondarenko keeps pace, also continuously broke Zheng Saisai three game, the two sides tie 5-5. Zheng Saisai in the eleventh inning to break the calm, then to keep his serve, 7-5 to get the first victory. The second set, the two sides each made the score into 3-3, after Zheng Saisai even break with insurance, the score becomes 5-3. Zheng Saisai got any office in the next two years, will be the end of the battle with 2-0. But Bondarenko first to protect the hair, and then in the service of the game in the game even 4 points, the Bureau into 5-5. After their respective insurance, the game came to grab the seven inning, Zheng Saisai in the snatch to lose the game in the seven inning of the 5-7 to lose a game of 6-7 plate of second. The third set, the two sides to break the service war, Bondarenko even after the 3 inning, Zheng Saisai even pull the 4 inning. The plot of the game was to grab seven second times forward, but in the eleventh inning, Zheng Saisai once again break, then Bondarenko Paul made a successful 7-5 to win the third set victory, the total score 2-1 out of Zheng Saisai.相关的主题文章:

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