Zhu De’s hometown of Sichuan qualify for the 5A national 5A level scenic area increased to 11-申威1600

Zhu De’s hometown of Sichuan qualify for the 5A national 5A level scenic spots to 11 scenic aerial view of the hometown of Zhu De. Sichuan online news (reporter Feng Chaoying) November 4th, responsible for the forum held in the National Tourism Bureau in 2016 the new 5A level scenic spots, Zhu De’s hometown area was officially awarded the national 5A scenic spot, so far, the number of Sichuan Province, the national 5A level scenic area increased to 11. In order to realize the comprehensive upgrading of scenic spots, to better serve the tourists, pay tribute to the 130 anniversary of the birth of Marshal Zhu De, Zhu De’s hometown area in 2014 launched 5A to create work. Scenic spot in November 2015 through the resources and landscape quality assessment, to enter the national 5A to prepare the list. September 28, 2016 5A class tourist attractions to create the work through the provincial inspection, in October 13th to enter the National Tourism Administration 5A scenic online publicity list, in November 4th by the National Tourism Administration granted 5A tourist attractions. It is understood that Zhu De’s hometown area in the former residence of Zhu De, the birthplace of Zhu De, comrade Zhu De Memorial Park, as the main body, fusion Ding river north puppet and other human resources, make full use of the Quartet, Linlang mountain fields of geographical indications, fusion de culture, red culture, Ke Jiawen, farming culture, the natural landscape and human landscape blending interlinked. Is a scenic great viewing, tourism consumption, leisure as one of the national red tourism demonstration area. Core scenic area of 5.6 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of the village of 32 villages, a group of 1605 people, 5385 people, belonging to the original ecological open scenic spots. There are 3 national key cultural relics protection units, the provincial cultural relics protection units in 2005, was listed as the country’s 100 red tourism classic scenic spot, in 2006 was named the national 4A level scenic spots. Has won the "national patriotism education demonstration base" and "national anti-corruption education base", "the first national scenic area with village tourism poverty alleviation demonstration area and the honorary title, is one of 12 national key red tourism, red tourism products line 30. At the end of September 2016, Zhu De’s hometown area through a 5A check. "Eleven" golden week, Zhu De’s hometown area, a total of 263 thousand tourists trips, scenic tourist number and tourism revenue over the same period last year grew by a large margin. Within the scenic spots to tourists, traffic smooth, busy and orderly, orderly. The eleven holiday tour "black list" in the subsequent release of the National Tourism Administration, Zhu De’s hometown area due to its list of best scenic tourism safety and security. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real nest white Formica corrupt life club相关的主题文章:

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