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Data stream – Super burst! These 5 brush ability for nearly 60 years did not see too brush points! Sina sports news Beijing time on November 14th, the new season began nearly a month, it seems that this year’s NBA star scoring broke out than ever before the season to be fierce. This is not an ordinary impression of the flow, this season, scoring the stars, in the history of the entire NBA is extremely rare. In ten games before the start, after ten games, the NBA currently has 5 people to score more than 30, they are: DeMar – DeRozan (34.1 PPG), Russell Westbrook (31.1 PPG), Anthony Davies (31 PPG), James Harden (30.6 PPG) and Damian Lillard (30 PPG). This number is somewhat astonishing, because last season, after the first ten games of the league only Stephen curry averaged more than 30, and back over the two season, after the first ten games without scoring more than 30 people. This year the outbreak of stars is somewhat too alarming, in fact, this is the history of the NBA in the first season, after 10 games in the league with 5 scoring 30, but in fact, in the history of the NBA, a total of only 4 seasons, after the first ten games of 3 to 4 players, averaging more than 30. They are: the 1965-66 season: Wilt Chamberlain (31.6), Oscar Robertson (30.8 points) and Jerry West (30.3 points); 1962-63 season: Chamberlain (52.9), Wilt Bellamy (34), Robertson (32.6 points), Elgin Beller (30.8 points); 1961-62 season Chamberlain: (49.6 points) and Beller (34.4 points) and West (31.4 points); 1959-60 season: Chamberlain (37.1), Beller (36.5 points) and Jack Wittemann (35.9 points). Of course, these ancient people’s ability to score has no doubt, but this year the outbreak of the five stars, how many of them to the second half of the season, for example, to keep the score near Thanksgiving momentum still remains a mystery, but this does not affect us they will be a horizontal comparison of the interest. With the history of this season at least, the outbreak of the situation, it is not seen for nearly 60 years. In addition, we must also mention another person, that is curitiba. Before the start of the 9 game, the library has been thrown into a 43 three points, only than last season before the game he 9 games less output 1. Last season, curry made a record of 402 three points this year, he has broken the single game 12 three ball record before his 402 season, and this record, it will refresh curry again? (Tinoke)相关的主题文章:

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