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Feng Youlan Lu Xun was known as the "Hu Shi remain in a proper sphere why not be appreciated? – Beijing – Tangshan, South East to the north at the cloud, our neighbor paisit. If multiple changes to surprise operation, please find things rise and fall. This poem comes from the hands of philosopher and educator Feng Youlan. Feng Youlan is the dean of the Chinese since Modern Philosophy Master, is considered to be Chinese in the history of modern philosophy "with the first historian of philosophy qualified scholars", to many Westerners, Feng Youlan is China philosophy, Feng Youlan philosophy is Chinese. However, Feng Youlan Hu Shi of the teachers do not appreciate, in April 30, 1961, Hu Shi in conversations with friends in the said: "he (Feng Youlan) was going to people in Beijing sold a lot of real estate. 1950 in Honolulu bought three large refrigerator back, the refrigerator is full of things, brought to the mainland to do business, ready to make a lot of money. He had a long beard and refused to shave his beard." In fact, the refrigerator is misinformation, Feng Youlan indeed from the United States to buy a refrigerator, but later donated to the Tsinghua University hospital. So mean, not Hu Shi style, Feng Youlan how to offend Hu Shi? Dewey Feng Youlan is more optimistic about December 1895, Feng Youlan was born in Henan County of Tanghe. The native of Shanxi Gaoping, the Qing Dynasty to Tanghe County, where fortune. The legend of a day of rain, the elderly will sell cloth wet cloth sent to the Feng family, then the old man did not return home, then sell cloth Feng, so rich. Feng Youlan young family has 1500 acres of land, it will be 6 years old in school. His brother and sister were successful (brother Feng Jinglan is a geologist, sister Feng Yuanjun is a literary historian), number three feng". Feng Youlan childhood stuttering, at the age of 13, his uncle made a lantern riddles in the Spring Festival: "Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s birthday — a." No one can answer, Feng Youlan said: "the Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s birthday is October 10th, it happens to be the ‘Chao’ word." Feng Youlan’s father was amazed. 1915, Feng Youlan admitted to Peking University, to the year 1917, Hu Shi came to Beijing university. We were already in grade three, and Hu Shijiao was a freshman, so Hu was only a teacher named feng. After graduation, Feng Youlan taught at the Henan first industrial school, the group of students admitted to the United States, he studied philosophy, especially consulting Hu Shi, Hu asked: "are you going to learn a new philosophy, or old philosophy?" Feng Youlan said he would like to learn a new philosophy, Hu Shi said: then you do not go to Harvard University, Columbia University. Hu Shi is also a graduate of Columbia University, he said: "I thought the most affected by two people: one is Huxley, one is Mr. Dewey." Dewey is a famous American philosopher, taught at the Columbia University, but the evaluation of the academic study of Hu Shi is not high, but praised the "real scholar" of the material of the president of the Republic of China in the world. He was praised by the". In 1923, Feng Youlan received a doctorate. The Tsinghua Zheng Guofan Feng Youlan after returning home, a quite smooth, only in the newly established Zhongzhou University (now.相关的主题文章:

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