13 year old girl was the teacher of Fujian Shouning rape suspects have Xingju-纪元1701

13 year old girl was the teacher of Fujian Shouning rape suspects have Xingju a "Shouning County of Ningde City, Xie Tan center primary school teacher the sixth grade students lead to pregnancy" rape of the net posts, on the 21 day in the circle of friends and local network communication, has attracted the attention of netizens and society. Beijing, 22 reporter learned from the local authorities, the suspect Moumou has been under criminal detention. Local people familiar with the situation, told reporters in Beijing, Xu Xu, a girl studying in the town of oblique Beach Center grade 6 grade primary school, the suspect Chen Department of oblique Beach Center primary school teacher, aged 55. The family later reported that the teacher has been arrested by the police in September 18th." The villagers said, usually the teacher saw everyone is smiling, did not expect to do such a thing, some villagers said after her daughter to school to accompany. Shouning County official 22 released a report reported that in September 18th, a mass of Xu to the County Public Security Bureau, said her daughter was the center primary school teacher Xie Tan Moumou rape and pregnancy. The victim was 13 years old, the county hospital has been pregnant for 30 weeks. Informed that after the incident, the principal leaders of Shouning County Party committee and government immediately instructed; Shouning County Public Security Bureau first time involved in the investigation, the suspect summoned in place; Xie Tan town Party committee, government will set up event coordination leading group for the disposal of the victims and their families were repeatedly comfort and psychological counseling, and cooperate with public security departments to speed up the case the investigation, to take measures to properly dispose of. At present, the suspect Moumou has been Shouning County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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