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Beijing this year will once again test the air raid siren heard the alarm should be how to do – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wu Wei) in September 12th, according to the Beijing civil defense Bureau, approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, this year, Beijing will be on the third Saturday of September (September 17th) and the national defense education day in the city area outside the five loop the air raid siren. The alarm time is scheduled to call on September 17th (Saturday) 15 pm to 15:23, the scope of the trial outside the ring road. According to the announcement, this siren in accordance with the "early warning" and "alert" and "clear" order, each alarm at the time of 3 minutes, 7 minutes apart. Early warning: 15 to 15 when the score of 3, pre alarm, Ming Ming for about 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeated for 3 times, time. Alert: 15:10 to 15:13, trial air raid alarm, Naruto 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, repeated 15 times, 3 minutes. Lift the alarm: 15:20 to 15:23, Ming tried to lift the alarm, a continuous time 3 minutes. What is air defense warning? According to the relevant departments of Beijing City, the air defense alarm is an important part of city air defense, usually used for disaster prediction and emergency disaster relief and disaster reporting emergencies; wartime for civil air defense, is the people’s government at all levels in the implementation of people’s air defense command, the basic means of organization personnel evacuation. Is under threat of air strikes in the city when the air defense alarm ringing reminder. It is reported that in recent years, Beijing has carried out 3 air raid alarm test. The first time is at 14:28 on May 19, 2008, in tribute to the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims in the city sounded air defense alarm siren; the second is the Beijing Municipal People’s air defense exercises in 2014, in Mentougou, Fangshan District, Yanqing County, three counties were siren; third times in September 19, 2015 10 the City District of siren. So, why peace will air raid sirens? Beijing civil defense bureau responsible person, according to the normal test "People’s Republic of China people’s air defense law" and "Beijing people’s air defense regulations" of the Ming, the purpose is to alert the district all equipment, distribution of scientific testing, inspection of air defense warning equipment the condition and control system, maintain good standby. At the same time enhance the general public awareness of national defense and air defense awareness, so that the public understand and be familiar with the specific provisions of air defense warning signals, improve the ability to identify air defense warning signals. In addition, the reporter was informed that this year, Beijing will choose some schools and residential areas to air defense alarm signal for the unified password, masking exercise. Then heard the air raid siren, the general public should be how to do? Beijing municipal government notice of proposed air raid siren period, except for the part in exercise related personnel, please other people and temporary Laijingrenyuan to maintain the normal order of life and work in alarm.相关的主题文章:

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