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2016 – Sohu BAZAAR Star Charity Night 2016 "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" will be held in Beijing, as Chinese scale height and influential charity platform, will converge Chinese the brightest stars in every year, hundreds of front-line big stars will help China charity. It is reported that this year will be upgraded to a form of charity dinner from a large party mode, for the first time online viewers into the scene fan clan, there will be 50 super stars best line of action, online calls for a charity contest, common public sounded assembly.   and in August 18th, bazaar Charity Night founder somans was invited to a live broadcast platform launched the theme of painting # life line # public broadcast activities, not only do the rehearsal for the upcoming Star Charity Night, also help charity fund-raising activities, with love for the poor county ambulance bazaar project. Live at the beginning, "the devil" somans and nervous, but all are nervous, stars and fans gift bombing to flood. In just one hour live, raise 7 million 530 thousand gold coins in the history list, second only to the "field force" Fu Yuanhui!   it is understood that this activity, is the star who painted in the eyes of their own ambulance on paper, and interact with the fans, live access to all income will be a reward donated to China Siyuan foundation for poverty alleviation bazaar charity fund. In the live Su Su, Chen Xuedong sent a few yachts, contribution list ranked third. At the same time, to the Soviet Union crazy brush gift, as well as to, Yundi Li, Han Hong, big left, such as star Ying Er. Yang Mi and Jing Bairan not only dive to watch the live broadcast, also sent to the micro-blog. And when the collected coins reached 7 million of the time, "the devil" is not calm, why 7 million? The original live in all the gifts, will be used to purchase of ambulances, 7 million gold coins, converted into RMB 70 thousand yuan, is just an ambulance according to the material price! Show that China currently has 592 state-level poverty-stricken counties, more than 2 thousand poor villages and towns are not equipped with emergency ambulance, and sometimes, like an ambulance, you can save countless like us life!   and as early as 15, bazaar joint micro-blog, live star launched # draw invitations # lifeline, so far, has included Tang Yan, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, Shen Teng, Ma Sichun, Wang, including many stars involved. Then there are Li Chen, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, Jing Bairan, and so on, and so on, more than 20 stars will be painted in the live broadcast, and so on, and so on, and so on, more than more than stars, such as, Liu Yifei,, and so on.   this year, since the bazaar Charity Night held fourteenth years! This is 13 years, more than 500 stars, 300 million of the money for SARS relief, for the construction of the western primary school, every penny will help to those who are most in need, every penny, are also well documented! This is no exception, as somans said in the broadcast, each one ambulance donated, donors have"相关的主题文章:

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