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Sina moviegoing "poor rich dad" free viewing tickets [viewing time and place] Thursday evening November 10, 2016 gold screenings of Beijing UME international Cineplex   Huaxing store [viewing the number] 30 (15 to 2 per ticket) []: click on the movie "rules of engagement" rich dad poor free viewing activities page [] according to the rules of free tickets can leave a message. [job] viewing please go with you friends are going to film in the "film" rich dad poor comment page within 24 hours after viewing the end score, and submit your true viewing experience, publication format: @ @ Sina moviegoing Movie + real rich dad poor viewing experience. Review tips: (with the PC client computer into the comment page, click [comment] to write long real viewing experience, please control words more than 140 words, write more carefully in the future viewing opportunities but more Oh, thanks for your cooperation, not submitted or copy will be blacklisted, please cherish you the viewing opportunity). [ticket tips] 1) as long as the activities of the rules, each one is very standardized according to the requirements, the probability of winning will be very big oh! 2) if you have participated in the activities and according to the requirements for the film to play too seriously written reviews of users, welcome to put your past work links when signing up, we will choose your preferred! [activity place and route address: Beijing Haidian District Shuangyushu Academy Road No. 44 (shopping mall opposite) route: 300, 302, 323, 332, 361, 367, 386, 16, 4, 8, 425 special, 422, 607, 716, 718, 725, 727, 730. 731, 967 [introduction] the film title: "poor rich dad" director: Zhang Jianting screenwriter: Wu Yongqi starring Kevin Cheng, Li Chengyuan, Annie Liu, little bin type: drama, comedy, love country area: Mainland China, Hongkong China Runtime: 138 min. released: 2016-11-10 plot: rich Li Bing (Kevin Cheng ornaments) in his wife (Annie Liu) after the death of her son desperately rich (little bin ornaments), but increasingly spoiled son made Li Bing aware of self Your mistake, and pretended to be bankrupt, with his son on a trip to Hongkong or. The trip to Hongkong has just begun his two contradictions, funny son (little bin ornaments) and bad dad (Kevin Cheng) encounter a "wonderful" tour, "gun row Hongkong shop" funny son thoroughly angered Bad Dad, it is also the event that Dad realized and my son’s question. Hidden in the heart tour reporter (Li Chengyuan ornaments) has undergone a subtle change in the relationship between the other two, but on the trip to Hongkong will end on the occasion, rich dad Li Bing’s identity was leaked……         &相关的主题文章:

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