Mix full screen frame to destabilize millet bugs will be released – Sohu digital mobile phone beef怎么读�

MIX full screen frame to destabilize millet bugs will be released – Sohu digital mobile phone mobile phone China [news] will be listed in November millet MIX became just past the new conference millet biggest winner, by virtue of the concept of true positive room full screen of three plane frame design powder countless. However, due to the low yield of the relevant process is too low, the amount of millet MIX stocking or hit a record in history, it is difficult to grab. In fact, there is such a concept of mobile phone – insect phone L3 is also about to let the concept into reality, look not to lose millet MIX.   millet MIX officially released on the 25, mobile phone official micro-blog followed in the document issued a pattern tucao. Insect mobile phone, said he was blue and thin letinous edodes, 5.5 inches full screen phone L3 mobile phone without borders advertising words have not yet finished, millet released a exactly the same. On micro-blog, the official also attached a so-called shooting in the laboratory full screen borderless new camera. L3 mobile phone from the larger point of view of the worm, mobile phone L3 really is similar to the amazing millet MIX, using a full screen design, screen accounting amazing. If there is no official explanation, most of us can see the picture is really think millet MIX! Of course, in the configuration, the machine may not be millet MIX opponent. According to the official said, with the screen will soon become a reality, the international big famous team to design 5.5 inch screen mobile phone will be released without borders. You guess, this will be what price? Finally, look at the science, the first generation mobile phone worm products released in April 2015, named after the mobile phone worm L1, 5.5 inch 1080p screen + snapdragon 615, the price of 2299 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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