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A hot event triggered by H5: Xu Xiaoping, Jason Jiang and other collective Sohu online- technology "fellow must be far, entrepreneurship can be more temperature" dark horse camp graduation 100 Curve Wrecker jointly recommended entrepreneurs to join the horse camp 14, the venture was also the magic circle ticket H5 Shuabing… Xu Xiaoping, Jason. Shengfa Jiang, Wu Shichun and other chiefs, as well as the dark horse, Curve Wrecker forwarded and comments! What is amazing H5? The? Hate the end of the text!!! It not only broke the traditional "you sign up for my interview," the cold, but also to allow all entrepreneurs, such as fraternal iron, comrade in arms solidarity. Knowledge sharing, network sharing, resource sharing. In a word: "do not seek warmth to indifference, entrepreneurship can be more temperature." Xu Xiaoping, Wu Shichun, Jason Jiang, Shengfa Jiang and other heavyweights, investors on the horse camp 14 are strongly recommended, as they have the mainstay industry, textbook experience and cases, and has repeatedly in the dark horse camp class show. "His years of accumulation into the common wealth of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs more equitable growth opportunities, as they built along the bridge" is the inheritance of these bigwigs most profound value in the dark horse camp. Entrepreneurs inside OS: entrepreneurs is to be with the same person! (Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping (Focus Media) founder Jiang Nanchun) (Pathfinder founder Sheng Faqiang) (plum Angel venture capital founder Wu Shichun) (Chinese parasol tree founder Tong Weiliang (capital) sky map capital founder Zhang Haiyan) (Fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong) (the second shot, small coffee show, a live founder Han Kun (CEO) LineKong, axe science and technology founder Wang Feng) while the 100 dark horse "Curve Wrecker" October mummy founder Zhao Pu, Korea founder Wang Guoan brewmaster network founder Hao Hong peak, transit home network founder Luo… Business circle. This led class figures are the respective segments of their leaders In the eyes of the dark horse camp is what kind of experience? ? 6 years, horse camp has brought together 13 more than 1000 founders, as of September 2016, there have been 52 horse business gem landing the NYSE, NASDAQ, three new board or Shanghai hosted equity trading center, the total market value of 42 billion 800 million yuan, the other 17 companies were black BAT and other large mergers and acquisitions, investment buyers. Most campers have become a leader in the industry segments. According to statistics, the entire dark horse community in 2015, a total of 835 financial crisis occurred in the capital, financing $60 billion 900 million. Starting from the dark horse Growth Camp fourteenth, entrepreneurial dark horse college will once again fully upgraded. It is understood that the upgrade in addition to the previous相关的主题文章:

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