Too good child no future – Sohu maternal 海思k3v2

Too good for the future of the child does not have – Sohu maternal and child text: fog full stop Jiang (01) first to tell a story. The story is not long, but long time span. (02) female president a provincial hospital, a pair of twins. Girl, girl, boy is fat. Fat girl, pretty and cute, I do not know how many people envy. The fat girl grew up, a completely different character. The little girl is bold, timid fat. The little girl is active, fat like static. Girls love to talk, do not try to coax the dead mouth sweet life. Fat Zuiben, honest, people blush. Middle school, two children’s character contrast, more obvious. The little girl emboldened, truancy, smoking and drinking, not a girl, her mother said: back down and ran away. Fat guts smaller. He likes to hide in the house, a person writing brush. At that time, a female director to see, the two children, go to the fork. The fat girl is OK, go on like this, can not be non accident. Must take the girl away, let her out of the original environment. To make her bad bad. (03) female president took the girl, sent to the countryside home. Go girl, just Calligraphers Association Secretary General in family, shortage of hospital beds, the secretary general came to help female president. Requests the Secretary General to female Dean fat a calligraphy teacher, very easy thing, fat every day to write calligraphy teacher there, bulkhead does not ring. Over the past few years, still in high school. "To learn and become very famous local calligraphy genius. His work is hard to find a word, city are priceless. The women’s Hospital relaxed. Fat, it solves. Young calligrapher, and popular words, the future is not a problem to marry and settle down. It is sent to the countryside, the girl, let her come back to participate in the college entrance examination. The little girl was back, to participate in college entrance examination. She only took an exam and refused to go. She said: which bastard out of the exam? It’s hard to die…… Female Dean gas hematemesis, cried the girl claiming to be the father, do not know shy! Know not? Now your brother’s a word, worth tens of thousands! The little girl said: come on, you’ll have to retire, why don’t you put me in the hospital, a nurse what, my request is not high. Bah! Female Dean said: with you this bear color, can be when the head nurse? You’ll be the one who cleans the trash. The little girl said: cleaner too dry cleaners, dad. You you you…… Female Dean angry, really took the girl to the hospital to do the arrangements, cleaners. To do so, in fact, only Duqi, learned about the buchengcai daughter. But unexpectedly, the hospital out of the medical accident, female Dean was forced to retire early the trouble in the official seas. This girl is not a dustman, want to change. (04) after the retirement of the female president, and even two diseases, so a toss, and soon people walk tea cool, the influence in the hospital, basically.相关的主题文章:

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